Pretzel bread, pumpkin bread and cookies OH MY!

After Death by Meat Friday night we decided to take it easy and chill around the house. Ok, that wasn't really the pplan, but that is what happened since the rain didn't end until late Sunday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon we went on base to pick up some packages. Turned out we had 8 packages. Still waiting on the one from my dad with some special cookies that are really covered in chocolate (stayed tuned for pics once they arrive). We ordered some things from online (online shopping is THE thing to do over here) and I also got a package from my mom with some magazines and stuff. Since we were over there we stopped at the BX and the commissary. Didn't realize we needed to go food shopping, but I guess there were some things we needed. In fact I think we can always find something we NEED. But I did find these cute pretzel rolls in the bakery case.

So I made a tasty sandwich for lunch with cheese and tomotoes and of course mustard too. I had to get the pretzel bread since it has some good memories for me. Once my sister, Ryan and myself went to Disneyland in CA for the day. We ate at a little restaurant in the park and our sandwiches were served on a pretzel roll. It was so delicious. But I haven't found them since. So I was so excited to see these.

After lunch I opened up my packages. This was my brand new Sony Reader Touch (didn't work, so it is going back-defective I believe). I thought this was neat as I have never seen this before. The packing peanuts inside do not get thrown away. they will dissolve in water. Very eco-friendly.

We were supposed to go to a bull fight and party that night, but it was raining. We still looked for the house, but no such luck. So we drove around the village instead. This is what we found. And boy did we laugh at the sight. These 3 stooges were up on a hill, rocks covering the way, not fenced in, but they are 6 or so feet off the ground. I think they were as curious about us as we were about them.
They were too cute.
So, no party and we just stayed home and watched movies. The next day we didn't do much either since it was raining. When I bought the pretzel bread I also grabbed the last pumpkin seed roll.
I ate this one with some honey.
Then we went on a baking rampage. We made brownies again, but they were for our nextdoor neighbor. I hope they enjoyed them. For ourselves we made my FAVORITE cookies. Ryan likes them now too. So we were feeling a little lazy and just gave in and bought the cookie mix for the PB cookies. This was a great mix though (next time I promise we'll do it from scratch).
Looks so tasty
So we just followed the instructions off the label and rolled the dough into balls, then rolled them in sugar and placed on the tray.
As soon as you take them out of the oven you press an unwrapped (sad but true, the recipe actually states it this way) Hershey kiss into the cookie.
Then remove them and place on a cookie sheet. So supper YUMMY! This is my favorite cookie. My old roomate Carolyn used to make these for me (Ok, sometimes she still does and mails them to me for the holidays).
So that was my weekend.
QUESTION: What was the best part of your weekend? What is your favorite kind of cookie? And, have you ever seen those eco-friendly packing peanuts?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

THOSE are some of my favorite cookies! The directions are pretty humorous, but you never know who WOULD keep the wrapper on! My aunt makes them every year and they are so addicting. Other than those, I love no bake cookies and of course, chocolate chip.
I think it's so cool that you can just get up and go to Disneyland! How fun! Oh, and the pretzel rolls are fun too, I love soft pretzels but I've never actually seen a pretzel roll.

Anonymous said...

I love the pretzel rolls! I would have a sandwich on them right now...

The cookies look awesome. I love jam filled cookies.

The best part of my weekend was just relaxing... :)

kristen :) said...

looks like a nice weekend :) mmm those pretzel rolls look awesome and nice and doughy on the inside. I always like the inside better :)
My favorite cookie(s) would have to be anything with pb and chocolate and also gingerbread spice cookies.
Coconut water tastes very subtle with a hint of milky sweetness. It's really light tasting and I really liked it. It is getting pretty popular over here I think, but a lot of people haven't heard of it. I'll have to look at different brands. I think I drank 4 L of fluid yesterday, mostly water and that coconut water, and I still felt like I needed to drink more in this heat.

Unknown said...

the best part of my weekend was the fact that Matt wasn't sailing :) I think my fave cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut...mmmm! I have never seen eco friendly packing peanuts, but If i had, they would make me happy! can't wait to see you soon!!!

chow and chatter said...

great eats Melinda, the cows look like British cows

Nicci said...

Well, you just made my second fav cookie. Good old chocolate chip is my fav. Very nifty that they make eco-friendly packing peanuts. Nice

Anonymous said...

Cool- I've never seen pretzel rolls before!!

That is so cool to get 8 packages- I'm sure that helps when you are far from home!!

Love the cookies! Have a great week!

Rachel Lauren said...

Mmmm. Pretzel rolls.... Whole Foods now has a pretzel roll and a pretzel baguette in the bakery.

Ozoz said...

Oh......I'm so looking for those kisses and storing bags of them! Kept thinking people piped them - see I'm not American so.....Thanks www kitchenbutterfly com

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