O Pescador, Round 2

Finally, finally, finally, is all I can say. After our first time eating here we were hooked and needed to come back. So we did try, but apparently they are closed on Sundays (which in turn took us to a great meal at La Barca). Friday night dinner was a perfect time to go back to O Pescador, which in Portugese means the fisherman.

The meal started out with cheeses and breads. The middle cheese is a hard cheese and the 2 on the outside are soft, almost spreadable cheeses. All 3 were tasty.

Last time we ordered this bruschetta and it was heavenly. We ordered it again. The waiter reminded us this will take about 20 minutes and confirms we still want it, adding that it will be worth the wait. It was!

This is chopped tomatoes on a toasted bread, topped with Pico cheese. What makes it different from the usual bruschetta is that it is served with a banana chutney. This really makes the dish and ties all the flavors together.

Now for the main course. We saw someone order these kabobs last time, so we really wanted to try them. I ordered the wreckfish and shrimp (cherne and camarao in Portugese) skewer. The presentation really makes this dish a unique dining experience.

Here you can see the server is hooking the skewer onto the stand and placing it so Ryan can enjoy his steak and pineapple.
This is the view of both of our skewers.
Here is a close up of the wreck fish. This was grilled perfectly.
This shrimp almost looks to happy for me to eat. The one thing I do not like about the shrimp here (cause they taste great) is that you have to work for them. They come will heads still on and you have to devein them. I find this to be messy, so I eat only a few at time.
Our entrees came with side dishes too. Ryan got salad, which we split.
I had mixed veggies.
And Ryan also had french fries. It is very common for fries to accompany steak. Don't you think the side dish plates are neat. They seem to snuggle the main plate. Ryan had 2 and his dinner presentation started to resemble Mikey Mouse.
Then it was time for coffee and desserts. Ryan ordered a cafe, which is like a shot of espresso.
I had a meia de leite.
This was my dessert. It was the pudim da casa, or house pudding, but it was described as cookies, condensed milk and chocolate. Really, it taste like cookie dough and was so good. This I would get again.
Ryan's was good too. This is the tarte conde da Praia, or the torte of Praia. It was a pie made from eggs and almonds.
Then we were satisifed with this great meal and we went home to watch a movie. I should have gone to bed early, but I was enjoying the evening. I had class at 9 am, so going to bed close to 2 am was probably not the best idea, but it was worth it. I was super tired in class, but I made it through. I was so happy that someone was kind enough to make one meat and one veggie lasagna for lunch today in class. Another thing I was happy for was THIS:
I had preordered from Amazon, so I was excited when I got the mail today and had this. We love this show. Right now we are on season 2 of 30 Rock. Love that show too! I also got some pics from my best friend Judy back in Vegas. Ok, now I think I should go get some rest. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
QUESTION: What is your favorite TV show?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful meal!!! Everything looks soo good. I love that the first course is a cheese course. Oh, I love cheese. And your fish looks amazing. And the dessert...

I like Mad Men and Burn Notice, but both shows are on Cable, and we canceled cable a few months ago...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

what a perfect meal! Those shrimp look so good, but yeah, working for them is no fun. But it does cause me to slow down when I eat, which I need to work on! I love the side plates, as you mentioned. I didn't even notice they were shaped like that until you pointed it out, very neat.

Favorite show: SEINFELD! Current show: Amazing Race, Top Chef, Big Brother. Yeah, I'm a reality junkie.

Unknown said...

oooh will u take us there when we visit? i love cheese! ok, favorite tv show, this is hard! i am a junkie...so I'll have to give you top 5 - Arrested Development, Lost, 30 Rock, Golden Girls, Murphy Brown. Hope you had a happy Rosh!

Emily said...

Yum, the cheese and bruschetta look absolutely amazing!

Fave show: So you think you can dance. I really don't watch tv, though. I don't have any time!

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