R is for random

Random is a good word to describe yesterday. I have a little bit of everything to share with you. My day started off in one direction and went in a completely different dirrection by the end of the night.

R is also for Rachel, who is my sister. She rocks (which also starts with R)! I am very excited that I get to hang out with her soon as I am leaving in a few days to visit her, and all of my family. She will take me to great places to eat so I will have some nice pictures to share of our outings, and the rest of my trip too.

Alright, about my randomness yesterday. I started off doing things around the house. I planned on going to the gym and checking my mail, both of which are on base. Then Ryan called and asked if I wanted to meet him at the commissary to get the food for the BBQ so I said yes. I quickly finished my homework and headed out. Well, time started running out and I still hadn't eaten lunch, so I opted to go with Subway. That's right, there's a Subway on the base.

The water comes out of the same pump that is for the fruit punch and no matter how long I let the water run, it is always pink.

Here's my veggie sandwich. Looks funny with all the mustard.

Then I met Ryan at the commissary. We had a huge list. Here is what our cart looked like as we neared the end of our hunting and gathering.

Hey, look what I found. That's right. I came across the coconut water and I wasn't even looking. It was just there. I haven't tried it yet, but I am just happy to have found it since everyone seems to be drinking it now.

After the commissary Ryan went ouot spearfishing. The original plan was to meet up in about 2 hours for dinner at a cafe near the fishing spot. So I got in my car and headed out. I drive by this street sign and there was a car in front of me. needless to say with a few extra seconds, I could not resist taking a picture of this sign.

I couldn't find where the guys were fishing (trust I tried, the directions were there will be a yellow house on the right near the barrel that indicates the village name, turn left there and head towards the ocean). No such luck. Unfortunately for me there was a huge bull fight going on and I got stuck in major traffic, not once, but twice as I had to turn around and go back towards home.

I decided to stop for a meia da leite at a cafe I have been to once before.

This may have been the best one I have had yet.

This is in the industrial area.

There was a church on the corner near the cafe and I just had to take a picture because of the nice coloring. I love the white buildings with the colorful trims they have here.

Ok, this was next to the cafe. Yeah, not really sure about this.

Then, as I am waiting to hear from Ryan, I am sitting by the church and he calls with the exciting news. He caught some fish. Well, I guess that would change the dinner plans. Turned around and headed home to meet up with Ryan and see what he caught. Here are the awesome pictures of Ryan's hard work free diving in the ocean and spearing some fish.

I love the silver and yellow striped fish.

I know, not the most attractive of pictures, but he worked hard for these fish.

As we were cleaning the fish and the equipment our dig decided to do this...

Ryan filleted the fish and this is what was left. The pretty looking yellow stripped fish did not have a nice looking meat, so this was what we got from 2 fish. not bad for the first time scaling and gutting the fish.

Not enough fish for a full meal, so since it was late I grabbed a box of mac and cheese.

Ryan cooked the fish up in some butter just so we could have a taste.

nice and golden

Here is the finished product. It was delicious. They were two different kinds of fish and you could taste the difference. Both were excellent. One was softer than the other. I have never had fish this fresh before so it was a cool experience.

QUESTION: What is R for you today? What is your favorite BBQ/cook-out food?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

My R is for REALLY excited it's Friday!! haha, so lame, I know.
I love where you live, as there are so many neat things to do! I mean, spearfishing?! I would love to do that. Funny thing about the subway water, I swear that's at every Subway. Whenever I get water it's always off white color, and I try to run it until it gets clear, but it never does! It must be a Subway thing.

Have a great day!

P.S. I assume Ryan is the Coke drinker?!

Anonymous said...

I have never gutted and filleted a fish! I'm impressed! Glad the fish tasted good too!

I love all the pictures of the island that you are posting. It's like my little morning escape... ;)

My favorite BBQ food are tortilla chips, salsa, dip...

Holly said...

R is totally Random for me today. Doing so many things. But amazingly, I could get plenty of Rs involved.
1. Redid my Resume for the Sodexo job(s)
2. Returned some Receipts from my deployment trying to get Reimbursement due to me.
3. Removed garbage from various Rooms in the house.
4. Running out of Rs I made some phone calls trying to find out what happened to my AF Reserve unit application and my AF Fit Test Results (guess I still had a few Rs left in the morning).
5. Now on to either watching some TV shows I missed while deployed (i.e. Fringe) or studying for the military exam next week. Or maybe going outside for a jog? I have about 4 hours before Ray gets home.

Emily said...

My R is reviewing or studying for my big metabolism test. It sounds like life is a big adventure there! :-) Hope you enjoy visiting your sister!

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