Happy Halloween and catch up time

First off, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a safe and fun night yesterday. I will get to ours in just a moment, but first I wanted to play catch up since I am a little behind on sharing my photos.
Thanks everyone for the great ideas on uses for pencils. I will say some of those we came up with in our class, but there were some you shared that we did not think of. Hope you had fun with the brainstorming activity.

Thursday night I finally decided to make this pizza that has been in my freezer for a while. Gotta love Amy's!

What I really liked was that I was able to eat the other half for lunch the next day while I was at the high school. I really like cold pizza and this definitely tasted good cold.
Last week I also had the chance to stop by our landlord's market to pick up some bread for Ryan to use for garlic bread. They were doing an Italian lunch at work and Ryan was making the garlic bread. So I bought some rolls.
As well as a loaf of bread.
Then these caught my eye. These are premixed tuna salad with olive oil and veggies with the tuna. I thought they would be good inside a pita, and would make a nice lunch when I am at work. I'll let you know how they taste once I give them a try.
Oh yeah, I'm addicted...
Betcha thought I meant to coffee now...nope, just sudoku.
Ok, now we are caught up to Halloween day. We did a late lunch at A Porta (across from the base) just before it was time to get ourselves dressed up.
Yes, that is spreadable cheese food in a container similar to the butter packets. I will say this is actually very good.
This time we went with the margherita instead of a fried garlic pizza. I love that they dress the pizza with olives.

Then it was time to dress the dog. That's right, this year she is a bunny. No bee costume for her this time. As usual she is very unhappy with the idea of being dressed up. So this didn't last for very long.

I am not sure why, but the body part fits and the head is WAY to big. What kind of dog was supposed to fit in this part of the costume? It ended up being more like a hoodie zip sweatshirt.
But what a cute little bunny tail.
No need for a costume here, she is already as scary as you can get for this holiday. I should point out she is actually hiding under a table. Scaredy cat!!!
And if you want to see something really scary, look what's crawling all over my back yard. Ewww, I hate the rain.
Here I am...not so scary!
But here is Ryan, who is VERY SCARY!!!
We went down to where he works on base for the squadron party. Look how creative people were with brining in desserts.

What a clever way to decorate rice pudding.
But, good news, they also served dinner (hot dogs and hamburgers) and had a nice looking veggie platter.
Then it was time for trick-or-treating for the kids. Those who have offices in this building decorated their offices (most with a theme) and set out candy for the kids. These kids went crazy since they could go back as many times as they wanted until all the candy was gone.
Here are some pictures from the various offices.

One was decorated like the office from Harry Potter.

Yes, floating candles, how cool.

And the trap door, which was the exit.
This is inside Ryan's office. They built a maze out of garbage bags to separate the path. Ryan would jump out in his scary costume. I helped point the kids in the right direction.

This was another office, set up like the Wizard of Oz.

Jackpot! This is where we located candy long after the kids stopped looking and went out for a hay ride.
The last of the offices.

Then we came home, watched a zombie movie and enjoyed this nice beer. If you have never had Chimay before I suggest you give a try at least once. This beer is blessed by Buddhist monks. They do serve it at places in the states, but at the Expo we found a vendor with it and so we bought a few bottles.

So that was it for our first Halloween overseas. They did a lot of great activities around base to give the kids an awesome Halloween. They also built a crazy haunted house in an empty building on the base. It was super scary. they recreated scenes from various horror movies. I think the scariest was the scene from the ring with the little girl in from of the TV with static that turns around and slowly crawls at you. Um, yeah, they totally did that and it was so scary. This was better than some professional ones I have been too. It was insane, and we had so much fun.
I also learned that the Portugese kids will go around tonight asking for candy, but that they do not get dressed up and do scary things.
QUESTIONS: First off, how was your Halloween? Second, do you like cold pizza?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

My Halloween wasn't even close to as exciting as yours was! We didn't even dress up (I LOVE your costumes by the way!!). Nick doesn't get into Halloween, so then I don't...plus it was his mom's anniversary so we took her to a nice dinner. We DID carve a pumpkin and eat plenty of candy though :)

I do like cold pizza. Hot pizza always burns my mouth! Ugh. I like pizza any way actually. I've only had Amy's once (I know, CRAZY!). I like to get it when it's on sale, it's so tasty but kinf of expensive.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love how passionate we, as RDs, get about issues like this. Sometimes I feel so lame because in reality they may be BETTER choices, but that's not how they are being labeled and it's just confusing.

Have a great day Melinda!

chow and chatter said...

oh you look so cute and your hubs is scary!!!

Heather said...

wow! it looks like you had a fun halloween! your pups look cute! my halloween was fun but boring - had dinner with my fam. and yes, i LOVE cold pizza!

Anonymous said...

Love all of the Halloween fun!!!! The Wizard of Oz thing is too neat.

PS You won my giveaway!! Please send me your contact info so that I can mail out all of your treats :) Yay for 50 Larabars!

Beth said...

We had a really fun Halloween--trick or treaters and fun times in Fells Point. Looks like your party was really fun!

We usually make our own pizza, which sadly gets soggy after a couple of hours. I do like the Amy's pizza, but I don't think it's ever lasted long enough to know if I like it cold!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes! And I love all the desserts... :)

Our Halloween was very low key due to "toddler issues", but it was totally fine. There is always next year...

I used to seriously dislike cold pizza, but after having seen hubby eat it again and again, it has grown on me.... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! SO much fun...I wish I was there! On Halloween, I went out with my friends to eat crap food. But we had fun. And then I tore my hair out trying to finish my essay. I lost a bunch of hair, and never finished it.

I don't like cold pizza that much, but one time I was so hungry I ate frozen pizza, just not the hard frozen dough.

Unknown said...

mmm cold pizza!! i like gingers costume!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun halloween! I do live in Vegas! I'm sure our paths have crossed. Thanks for checking out my blog. It's still all new to me but I'm having fun with it. And yes..I love cold pizza!!

Melissa said...

That looks like a great time! The pudding decoration is great.

I don't like hot pizza at all. I always wait at least 20 minutes before eating any pizza. It sounds gross, but I like it all settled and thick. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

kristen :) said...

I love Amy's pizza! Haven't gotten one in a long time. I do like to have my pizza warm and crusty from the oven, but I will eat it cold too. Your halloween festivities look like so much fun, ours was very uneventful. Awwwhh your dog looks like it's having so much fun! haha
Thanks for your comment, probably best not to name names. I hope I didn't say too much, it's not that big a deal, just disappointing. Hope your having fun subbing the little kiddies! :)

Nutritious is Delicious said...

MMM! I LOVE AMy's Pizza....any temperature! ;)

Oh and no worries, you're not excluded!

Nicci said...

You guys looked cute in your costumes. Yummy food too. I wanted to dress my dog, but she ends up eating the costume every year. lol

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