Dinner, dessert and a great movie

So, speaking of relaxing and hobbies, Kristen (EatingRD ) pointed out that bike riding is not cheap. When I wrote that yesterday I was for some reaon thinking old school about my last bike that my parents bought for me when I was 15 and I still had available to me to ride. But I totally forgot about the nice brand new bike I just bought, which buy the way, was totally not free and so therefore, I am sorry to say, bike riding is no longer free for me either. Kristen does a great job with her awesome riding and I am just jealous she is back riding in Vegas where this is much less rain than here.

I should also point out another one of my hobbies is snorkelling while Ryan spearfishes and that is not a cheap hobby either. And neither is reading books, well unless they come from the library, but I love to keep them in a collection.

QUESTION: What hobbies are actually cheap?
Alright, moving on to dinner last night, although it looks like breakfast...

These are eggs from Angra, which we buy in the store here.

If I am scrambling them I almost always add a little milk to increase fluffiness and volume. In this case I really wanted to use the last little bit that remained in the carton.

Then I am ready to go with my "breakfast" creation for dinner.

One of the joys of being newlyweds is that we have great kitchen things from our registry. (Not the best joy of all, which by the way is being with my husband...but it makes playing in the kitchen lots of fun).
Sramble those eggs really well...
Add some cheese on top and there we have a nice breakfast sandwich...for dinner!

On to our dessert. What else would we want to eat while watching a movie?
Wow, only 10 calories in 2 tbsp unpopped, or about 5 cups popped. Yes we added a little extra when we used oil to pop this, but we used as little oil as possible.
Haha, look at Ryan's shaking action!
Beautiful white popcorn. You can still see the red color inside since we started with red kernels.
The Harry and David's set came with some toppings too so we tried those out.
Just a dash..
And we were good to go. We watched the next Academy Award winning movie in our line up. Ok, ok you got me there. We had to skip one. They never made Cavalcade on DVD. It was supposed to be released but it wasn't the last time I checked. Maybe I will look today and see if I can get it. Ok, back to the movie at hand.
We watched It Happened One Night with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Seriously, this is the best movie I have ever watched. I loved it! It was fantastic and I see why it won all 5 major Academy Awards in 1934. If you haven't seen this and you don't mind a black and white film, you must see it.
Ok, last but not least, I wanted to point out a few giveaways and such from some other great blogs...
First, The CandidRD is giving away Barney Butter , and the giveaway ends friday at 12 am
Next, there are two giveaways from An Apple A Day:

Hot Chocolate , which looks heavenly and also Sodastream which is a soda maker for your home...but hurry up, these both end today so make sure you get your entries in ASAP!

And last, but certainly not least, if you haven't checked out Chocolate Covered Katie you must do so now and often during this month. She is raising money for charity through a page view charity drive, so click often on her site!

Thanks everyone for reading and have an excellent Thursday!!!

QUESTION: Do you like black and white movies and if so what is your favorite?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

Thanks for the giveaway shout out!
As for cheap hobbies...reading! As for cheap exercise hobbies, walking and running, nothing beats it. Or using cans and jars for weights :)

What brand of popcorn is that? How the heck are there only 10 calories in 5 cups?! Did I read that right??

MelindaRD said...

Haha, that's why we should never look at things late at night. Go figure, Harry and David's forgot a zero, so after investigating, yes that is 100 kcals in 5 cups (which makes 100% sense if per diabetic exchange lists 4 cups is 80 cals!). Either way, can't go wrong with this snack!

Rachel Lauren said...

Yea, Melin I was going to tell you, they mislabeled the packaging. Totally NOT 10 cal! lol

MelindaRD said...

And on all 3 packages in the gift box!

Beth said...

I think of reading as a cheap hobby, but I get a lot of books for free (as review copies or from friends). My other hobbies, baking and excercising are decidedly not free or even cheap.

I think my favorite black and white is Casablanca. I know it's cliche, but it's the best!

Anonymous said...

OMG obsessed with air popped popcorn.. always makes movie nights great..lol :)

Thanks for all the give-away news too btw!

Anonymous said...

I have never made popcorn. I'll have to make some... I bet the toddler would love it! :)

Cheap hobby: hiking! I love the million dollar view on top of a mountain that you get for free... :)

Emily said...

Love eating eggs for dinner. Omelets are my lazy night meal! :-)

I love black and white movies, too. I think old movies are far more creative than the ones out now...so cliche. I love anything Audrey Hepburn and also my fave scary movie is Wait Until Dark. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, writing is a cheap hobby...so is blogging, to a degree...and talking to people! :)
I do not like black and white movies at all. They annoy me, because I'm a huge color person. Maybe when I'm older?

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