Surviving the second grade

That's right, Monday I survived the second grade. It was tough and I did a lot of reading, but I made it through the day. High five for me! And then today I survived 2 classes of 6th grade science and one of 8th grade science. Ah, the life of a sub at a small school overseas. This school has elementary, middle and high school all in one, so I am able to sub any and all grades.
So, back tracking a little, here is my snack from Sunday while working at my computer. I needed a little sugar booster and I love Swedish fish.

Boy was I glad Ryan got super hungry, so hungry that he made some pasta for late lunch/early dinner. The best part...leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Last night we watched a movie and these seemed like a nice treat. Still lovin' the TJ's snacks I brought back.
Yes, they were tasty.
Lots of cream filling.
This is how I was greeted this morning when I took the dog outside. Very close to the area where I send the dog to do her business. Luckily with the time change it is not as dark as it was before and I could see the cow before it startled me. They are certainly getting bigger in size. They are only 5 months old.
For lunch today I hoped to meet up with Ryan but he had a class and couldn't make it at the same time I was off, so I went by myself. I went with the buffet and was glad to get some salad in. Not the best salad bar ever, but trust me the TORC buffet boosts the best salad bar on base.
Yes, I scored some fat-free dresing today. Too bad the sodium is pretty darn high.
Go figure, it was taco Tuesday! Isn't it taco Tuesday everywhere today? So I made a little burrito, some spanish rice, corn and black bean salsa and guacamole.
Ok, ok, it was a buffet, and I love this cake. Who wouldn't want a checkerboard cake?
Now, I just wanted to share a little about one of my "hobbies"...DVD collecting and watching. Lets start with TV series. When we like a show we usually buy it on DVD and watch on episode every night before bed. We have watched most of these except for the most recent season.
Another favorite. Yep, we watched all 3 seasons.
Whoa, this is one of the greatest shows ever. Just finished watching the most recent season (5 I think). We don't get current episodes here so we are waiting for this year to end (hehe, we have some major waiting to do).
Our other favorite is 30 Rock and we are getting up to date on that too. Just in the middle of season 3.
Here is our latest and most expensive "hobby". Ryan and I were watching the Academy Awards 2 years ago and they did a montage of all the past winners for Best Picture. There were so many movies we had never even heard of, so we decided to start collecting. We got off to a slow start, but here is what we have so far.
Ryan bought me this for my UNLV graduation and it lists all the winndes in order. We are sticking to just best picture. This book is older, but I searched online to make sure my list (haha, it's a wish list on so I know the order and what we have purchased) is up to date.
This past week we watched Cimarron and over the past 2 days we watched Grand Hotel. I wanted to tell everyone about how great these movies were so I thought I would also mention our collection and hobby of watching these greats. I loved both of these movies and those we have watched already. I think this movie watching should take us some time and keep us busy on the island.
Last but not least...I bought this recently and I am planning on making my first loaf this weekend. This came with so many recipes, but I think I am going to keep it simple. I'll keep you posted!
QUESTION: What are some of your hobbies?


Nutritious is Delicious said...

I would sure want some of that checkerboard cake! I would also want a bread maker! MMM! Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread! :D

Oh and YES, 2 mini schnauzers are quite the handful; but my dad felt so bad because I was so sad when our first one died that he got two to "replace" it (lol)...of course we could never get rid of one now (I wouldn't let 'em!), but my mom said we will never get two again! haha

Melissa said...

Arrested Development is the greatest tv show of all time!!! We own the dvd's and watch them probably a few times a week. Is that sad?

Thank you for your comment on my diagnosis. I'm curious what you do to manage chronic fatigue. Maybe I could use some of your techniques to manage my fibromyalgia. Thanks!

Unknown said...

HOW ARE YOU MICHAEL?? Glad you are finally done with Arrested Development!

My hobbies include blogging, watching tv, shopping online for things that I want but will never buy b/c I am too cheap, and working out :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh fun, a bread machine!! Can't wait to see some of your creations. I thought it was an ice cream maker at first, oops!
Congrats on surviving the second grade! I can remember feeling so bad for some of the substitute teachers we had in elementary school. Some kids were so mean to them.

Love the cardboard cake...I want a piece!

Hobbies: Reading, writing, soduko, cooking!

Holly said... (if you want to work in a virtual paper company office). I'm the Regional Manager of the Elizabeth NJ branch.

Emily said...

Ohhh hobbies. Let's see...musical theatre, crafting, reading, yoga, dance, playing the clarinet, many!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you'll be making with the bread machine. I have always wanted one, but we just don't have the space... I'll live through you! ;)

Astra Libris said...

Oooh, a bread machine has been on my "dream list" for a while - I can't wait to hear more about yours! :-)

The TJ's maple cookies look SO delicious!

Oh my goodness, I love love love Arrested Development and The Office... :-) Definitely two of my favorite shows of all time! Have you seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Larry David? It's definitely much in the same vein as Arrested Development and The Office - very funny. :-) We do the same thing as y'all with shows we like - we much prefer waiting until the end of a season so we can watch an episode a night too! :-)

Your Oscar winning films collection is such a COOL idea!!

Hmmm, my hobbies are reading, writing, cooking, baking, blogging (of course :-), hiking, traveling, taking road trips, singing, gardening, and sewing! :-)

Astra Libris said...

P.S. The spiders you described sound SO terrifying! Eeek! :-p

Beth said...

ooh pretty bread machine. I have bread machine envy. But Noel keeps pointing out that I made him get rid of his (old, ancient, never been used) bread machine before we moved into our house. So I might have to dream a little longer...

We're also big fans of waiting until the end of a season to watch tv. Who can stand all of that waiting for episodes. But I will admit it was really hard to listen to everyone talk about True Blood this fall around the office and know I was going to have to wait for the DVD!

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