That's right, hehe, catch-up time!

Friday I made corn bread to bring to our Thanksgiving dinner. Yep, I made it right out of the mix. Can't get any easier than that. But I did have a little some extra to make it special (keep reading!)...

That's right, I added some no salt added canned corn.

Nice and lumpy with the corn inside...
Came out perfectly, but it was very thin. It tasted good and there was none left at the end of the night.
So, how do you cure the flu. Well, apparently when you feel it come on, reach for the liquor cabinet!!!
So we did a shot of Patron and it seems to have warded off the flu for now.
Sunday morning Ryan and I made some pumpkin pancakes using the mix from TJ's.
The digital griddle rocks!
A little dark, but still very good.

Monday I stopped by Modelo, the large grocery store in town and they were having a celebration I think for the store borthday or something. Well, this is a cake. That's right... A CAKE...can you believe how big this cake is, not to mention they had 3 this size and were passing it out to customers. I passed since it was only 10 am. This cake had an underwater/ocean theme.
Sorry this is blurry but the security guy was looking at me funny, probably because I stopped to take pictures. This had like fruity cakes all around it too.
Good thing I told our neighbor I liked the oranges because over the weekend they left more for us sitting here. They passed them through the metal gate/fence that divides our driveways and left them on this ledge. Oh, and it turns out they are not oranges, they are tangerines. So much for the communication barrier, but Ryan did discover this yesterday.
And last, but not least, these seem to have just bloomed everywhere. I thought they were so cool I had to take a few pictures. These were taken on base, but I have spotted some in other locations.

QUESTION: Anything you need to "ketchup" on?
Oh, and I have a surprise coming up on my Thanksgiving day post so make sure you stop by for more details.


Michelle Nardine R.D. said...

Ha! Yeah I need to "ketchup" on my cookbook I'm planning on making for my family members for Christmas. Right now I just have a bunch of clippings from our favorite recipes we made this year and a working title of "cooking with the grubbies". I'll get to it soon I hope....

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the biggest cake I've ever seen, I want a piece!

This post was full of delicious foods, the pancakes and the corn bread, they look so good.

I can't believe you did a shot of Patron to ward off the flu! That's too funny. I will keep that in mind, if it really helped. Nick and I have an entire thing of Patron in our freezer and it's unopened. We are beer people and we haven't had the chance to use the Patron yet.

Anonymous said...

I love adding corn to cornbread! It enhances it so much. Sometimes I'll throw in some sauteed onions as well, which additionally sweetens it up.

Melissa said...

Great idea to add the corn to your cornbread! I love when I eat some that's been baked that way. The kernels of corn add a little something extra. I like the change in texture!

Anonymous said...

I love corn kernels in cornbread; great addition! :)

And I do believe that a shot of tequila cures many ailments... :)

Beth said...

I need to "ketchup" on folding laundry--i'm ignoring the piles sitting behind me right now!

I can't wait to see what you guys do for thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Ketchup and catch-up! Lol!!! You're so adorable.\\

I need to "ketchup" on my homework! They're piling up!

Anonymous said...

That cake is insane!! Wow, I love all those tangerines... I just picked up afew at the co op today (yours are MUCH fresher!!). Enjoy your Thanksgiving :)

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