Who let the bulls out?

Two weekends ago we could not miss the Saturday night bull fight because it ran by our house.  Since we had this at our house one weekend last year, we knew what to expect.  Well, the only difference know was that it was almost a month earlier than expected and we found out just days before.  But that did not stop is from throwing a little party at out house.

Here is our house once our landlord put up the boxes that would “protect” the front of our house.  Setas means spikes in Portuguese, so you can bet we have spikes on our gate behind the cardboard.  No, the bull can’t read, but guys on the street jumping out of the bull’s way often like to know if they are going to land on spikes.
I am thinking this would not really stop the bull from busting down the small driveway and into our garage.
For our little get together, Ryan prepared some bruschetta.
While he was prepping food, I ran outside to take some pictures of the procession announcing the arrival of the bulls.
The end of the pack of cars is the truck with the bulls.  There are 4 bulls, each in one of these crates.
Then I came back in to help with the food preparation.
Only 2 of my friends showed up, but that was OK.

Good thing they arrived just as the 1st bull was released.  Our house was so close to the end line that they should have been safe no matter what.
This is the bull trying to bust into my next door neighbors yard.  A little further back you can see the white “end” line for the bull’s range.
Here is the bull smashing my favorite hydrangea bushes.
Now, another bull really wanted in to my neighbors yard.  We stood and watched but were really nervous it would get up there.  Thankfully, the bull did not get in.
Every year someone wants to climb the pole in an effort to escape a bull.  It is actually very funny to watch.
Speaking of watching, here are some videos from the bull fight.

QUESTIONS:  When was the last time you had company over to your house?  If you were invited to our house for a bull fight, what dish would you have prepared?


Beth said...

Real company? Or my neighbors that I don't even count as company anymore? And our real house or the house in DE? :-)

I certainly would have brought something sweet to the bull fight!

Unknown said...

I would have made you chocolate chip banana bread :)

I think our last visitors were my cousin and her husband. They were good house guests!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Wow..that is crazy!
I would just be so worried about getting hurt if I were down there..I am sure a lot of people do!
You definitely had quite the view!

TheHealthyApron said...

omg, how funny! I think I would have brought buffalo chicken dip? haha sounds appropriate for a sporting event!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

What an experience!

Love bruschetta. Sounds like the perfect dish to me! :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

These videos are crazy! And the bull ran into your favorite plant?! I would cry. I love hydrangeas. But I guess it's all in good fun.

I find it funny that they are using an umbrella!!

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