Colorful Burrito

About 2 weeks ago I had a huge craving for a burrito.  I had made a breakfast burrito, but I found I wanted something more.  On a Monday afternoon, while on the treadmill, watching The Food Network, I dreamed up a vegetarian burrito packed with many different colors.

It started off with the red rice I bought when I was in Boston.
My main vegetable layer was with broccoli for that great green color, and then Portobello mushrooms, which although are brown and not some eye popping color, give a great flavor.
I cooked up the mushrooms and broccoli, along with some onions, but did not add much for seasoning because I knew I was adding some elsewhere.  I mostly used black pepper and crushed red pepper here.
My next layer was my main protein source.  I cooked up some black beans with some corn (used up the last of my frozen corn) and then added some Spanish paprika.
By the time all the veggies and beans were done cooking, my rice cooker had done it’s job and the rice was ready to go.
I started with the rice, then added some beans.  I did use my low carb sample tortillas, although I was nervous they would crack.  The low carb tortillas don’t hold up as well as the regular product, at least not in my experience.
Then I added in the veggie layer.
To top it all off, I added a little shredded cheese and then rolled up the burrito.  At the last minute I used foil to help the burrito from falling apart.
This was the perfect burrito, packed with so many nutrients and colors.  It definitely hit the spot.

QUESTIONS:  What is the most colorful dish you prepare?  What should I try in my burritos next time?


Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

This looks excellent. I love making burritos!

I thought I was the only one who watched Food Network while on the treadmill. hehe.

Biz said...

Second that - I watch FoodTV while working out too!

Melinda, I think you would love these - I got the recipe from Veronica so I am steering you to her site - these are hands down the best "refried" beans I've ever made.

Simply Life said...

Oh that looks delicious- I love burritos! I always add tons of salsa to mine!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Nick and I add broccoli to EVERYTHING! I actually plan on making a burrito with refried beans, spinach, and tomato, and broccoli tonight! Yum, can't wait. Of course I'll need a TON of Beano for this meal....

Nicole, RD said...

That is colorful, especially for a burrito! Mmmm! I think the last colorful dish I prepared was a veggie good!

I love avocado in my burrito...must have!

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