Steak, Lobster and Champagne

Well it sure is the season for indulging.  I suppose I indulge whenever I get the urge, but in this case, the indulgence is steak and lobster.  I know that it is the ultimate cliché of a fancy meal out and many people do choose those items in a celebratory meal.  In our case, yes, it is the holiday season, and I suppose there is always something to celebrate around here so we indulged a little last week in these meals.  In reality lobster is not so much a splurge since we live on an island, and the cost is not nearly what it is in the States.  I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, LOL!

The first meal was a just cause meal.  Yes, we probably made up an excuse to go out and celebrate.  As always we had some nice bread to start of the meal.
Ryan ordered the steak on a rock, which is a common way to serve steak around here.  the steak will continue to cook after it comes to the table.
I went with the cod.  As in traditional Portuguese style, it was covered in onions.  This was a nice variation because it came with green beans and whole potatoes with the skin still on.
Yes, we did come coffee to end the meal.
So I guess you are wondering about the lobster and champagne.  That was at the next meal out.  We went to O Cacholote, which means the whale…ok specifically the sperm whale.  This is the place that has a giant whale sticking out of the front of the restaurant.

When we walked in we noticed they were set up for a large party.  Luckily we called in advance so we knew there was room for us.  This time of year you really do need to call in advance.

Here are some of the beautiful food displays made by the restaurant owner, who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  These are trays of various salads.
This is the fruit for dessert.
Look how cute this little set up is!
Then I brought myself back to our table.  At least the owner knows me so he did not find it weird that I walked into the party room and started snapping photos.

Again, we started with bread and cheese.  If you are not familiar with my blog, these are things that are automatically brought to the table, but are not free, so if you do not want them, you need to say know when it comes to the table.  I will say the cost is inexpensive (like just over a dollar for bread and cheese at most places) and the only thing we ever really turn away is the sausage, for obvious reasons.
This place also serves olives.
My favorite part of this place is the little fried wonton shrimps they bring to the table.  These are so good that even Ryan eats them and he really does not like shrimp.
They also bring garlic bread, which is always a nice treat.
Now we get to the champagne part.  We ordered white wine, but the one we wanted they were out of, so they suggested some sweet wine, and I immediately recognized the Asti label.  We looked at each other and thought, why not!  So we ordered the bottle of champagne.
It was a nice choice as we laughed that we had ordered steak and lobster to accompany the fancy champagne.

Ryan’s steak was cooked tableside.
While it was cooking I was served my lobster.  I was glad the tail was easy to pick out and enjoy without making too much of a mess.
This was one nice sized lobster, and quite tasty.
Then Ryan’s steak was served.  I think that is bacon on top.
Ah yes, and French fries to end out “fancy” meal, LOL!
QUESTIONS:  When was the last time you had a steak, lobster and champagne occasion?  What is your favorite celebratory meal?  Fancy meal with no real occasion?


Kelsey Ann said...


Ameena said...

How interesting that you are charged for bread and cheese if you don't refuse it? What an interesting way to make extra money. Clever actually! Hopefully the restaurants here in L.A. don't get any ideas...

For the first time in a long time Ali and I splurged yesterday by going to the hotel where we got married to have a very overpriced and not that good lunch. But the hotel is beautiful and the ambiance can't be beat so I guess it was worth it.

Happy Holidays Melinda! Hope you and your hubby are enjoying!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

YUM!! I haven't had lobster in so long. I'm hoping to make it again for Valentine's day this year. And, I love having steak (or any food) cooked table side. This this was a special dinner. Happy Holidays to you MElinda, and happy almost new year!

Special K said...

Okay....can't remember the last time I've had lobster. But I did notice that you were in the 60s a few days ago on a weather report on AFN....I am waiting to hear where you are heading after this next season of your life.

The best SPLURGE for me would be trader joe's...would love some pretzel slims, crunchy peanut butter, dried orange cranberries, and whole wheat couscous from them!

Holly said...

We splurge every time Ray comes home from a deployment or the time I came home. We'll be spurging again in February when his friends come out to "welcome him home" :) Gaetanos on Eastern, or Hanks in Green Valley Ranch!

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