Pasta and Quinoa Meals

Thanksgiving week was of course a short week, and I only really made dinner once that week, but it was a creative one.

I started with a bunch of canned goods to make a tomato sauce.  If you notice one can is dented, this is because I dropped it.  Never a good idea to buy dented cans, but a different story when you drop them at home.
To my canned goods, I added fresh mushrooms.
I like fusili pasta, and these were bought at the local grocer.  I liked them because they were thinner than the kind we usually buy, and they were tricolored.
I cooked my mushrooms first, then I added the artichokes, tomatoes and tomato sauce, plus some black olives I cut in half.  I had also put some garlic in here, and I finished the flavoring off with red pepper flakes and chili powder.
DSC07648 DSC07652
I love colors with my food, so I think the multicolored pasta is always a nice way to go, but it does depend on what you are serving it with.
In this dish, it goes really well.  It was so good and made for delicious leftovers.
My other cooking adventure for the week was Thanksgiving Day.  We went to a friends house, and I decided to prepare my quinoa dish again.  This time, I half and halved the quinoa, regular and red, so I had these nice colors.
It ended up tasting great and looking very fitting for Thanksgiving.
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite kind of pasta? Pasta sauce?  Have you ever tried red quinoa?


Tricia said...

yum! thanks for sharing

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I love that you combined the colors of quinoa. Looks great!!
There really isn't a pasta dish I don't like. Yours looks delish!

Tammi Kibler @keenonquinoa said...

I love red quinoa. I mix it up with white all the time to make colorful combinations. I have been looking for some reasonably priced black quinoa to add even more excitement to my dishes.

Thanks for sharing.

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