What’s a Lily Fish?

I am only asking because we ordered it last week and still have no idea what fish this really is.

The weather has been cooling off, and is now rather cold.  That put us in the mood to visit Os Moinhos, which is the mill.  It is an old mill in a cute little village not too far from where we live.
Based on the pictures above you might see why we feel like going here when it is colder out.  We have been here while the fire has been lit and it just has a warm and wintery feel here, so we seem to only go when it is cold out.  Therefore, it has been quite a few months since we dined here.

Bread to start, because it would be normal to not have the bread.
They served some jam, which was really good.
The jam is usually spread with the goat cheese.  I was glad to get some olives too.  This is one place where I have to remember to tell them to hold the sausage.
Here is the lily fish.  We both had wanted other things, but the poor waitress just looked at us and nodded her head and explained they were out of just about everything.  This meant no grouper and no boca negra.  They happened to have the lily fish, and so Ryan and I went ahead and ordered this mysterious fish.
It did come with the skin on and some bones too.  It was easy to eat once I decided to just use my fingers.  Since I started eating more whole fish and shrimp with the heads on, I find myself using my fingers more often to pick out bones and pull off skin.  Ryan was much more civilized than me, and managed to do this with his fish knife and fork.  I said screw it and did it in the most un-lady like way possible.  But hey, it did the job and I enjoyed my meal.
This time we decided to enjoy some dessert.  Ryan had the pineapple.
I had the very rich chocolate mousse.
That ends another delicious meal out.

QUESTIONS:  Do you know what a lily fish is or ever heard of this?  I think the translation is just funny.  Are there any foods you eat with your hands that other people might eat in a more civilized manner?


Simply Life said...

Oh that meal looks wonderful! nope- i have no idea what a lily fish is!

sophia said...

the proper way to eat a fish is really with the hands. Seriously, it tastes better that way to me, as you lick your fingers. Even Jesus ate fish like that. ;-)

had no idea what a lily fish was until you showed us. I'm so jealous of all the fresh seafood in your area! Is the price cheaper, too?

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Ok, I hate it when fish have bones! Seriously, I never order it if there are bones, ever. For some reason it just turns me off more than anything. I love that you went to town and just used your fingers to take them out. To be honest, I would have done the same, if only to make sure every last one was out!!

Nicole, RD said...

I love seafood, and I think it looks delicious...even with having to dance around the bones! The skin is ick too...ickier than the bones, I think! I would've probably dove in with my fingers, too.

Emily said...

Hmm, no idea what a lily fish is...but Os Moinhos looks like a cozy place to eat!

After choking on a fish bone when I was 10, I only eat boneless fish. :)

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