Chicken on the loose

Seems fresh food is a big part of life here. Most locals have gardens and some animals. Some have chickens, some have cows, some have both. One night I let my dog outside and found she was trying to get into a broken down metal cage area that is in our driveway. I couldn't figure out what she could possible want in there, but as I approached my dog, I also found myself face to face with a chicken. Now, I am coming from Vegas, and before that Baltimore, so I certainly have never been up close and personal with a chicken. Yeah, there's a first time for everything.

We assumed it must belong to our next door neighbor since we know he has some in his yard. Lucky for us he was outside (and he speaks English), so we asked. In the end it turned out to be his chicken. It managed to escape. So we were thinking, gee, what an odd experience.

Then we hear a noise outside. Our neighbor wants to know if we would like some fresh eggs. They came from his chicken. Of course we do, who passes up fresh eggs? So we take them back inside and decide that eggs will make a great dinner. Then a few minutes later we hear a noise again outside. This time our neighbor wants to know if we want fresh potatoes and onions from his garden. Well of course we do. Who passes on garden fresh vegetables?

So to conclude, can you guess what we had for dinner that night? Yes, we had scrambled eggs with onion hash browns. How much fresher can it get?!?!?

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