O Pescador, a wonderful dining experience

This restaurant was highly recommended by some of Ryan's Portugese coworkers. So we decided to turn Thursday night into a Friday night and go out for a nice dinner. We were told this was expensive, but coming from Vegas, expensive meals are all relative. So we went, and yes, it was a bit more pricey than your standard snack bar, cafe or sit down restaurant, but it was not outrageously priced. Next time I think I will wear something a little more on the dressy side.

O Pescador = The Fisherman

When we walked in the place was empty (of course when we left it was getting busier. We did go on the early side). The waiting area had a tank of lobsters (above pic). They had an extensive collection of wines lining the walls. The tables were nicely set with a mint green and then a white tablecloth. The menu was available in English, which is always a plus. The servers spoke English and so did the server assistant. This was very comforting as sometimes you really do nt know what you are ordering. The menu items led me to believe they were catering more to tourists and Americans than to Portugese. It was different than the standard local fare.

We started off with the usual: bread. There were 3 pieces of bread brought to each of us. One was the typical local bread, one was the same type but crispy (turns out it was the bruschetta bread), and then a sweeter and softer bread on top. This was served with butter and a plate of cheeses.

For the cheeses there were two different kinds. The outer cheese was a softer cheese. It was easily spreadable. The inner, round cheese, had a nuttier flavor. If I wasn't the driver I would had a glass of wine since this cheese would have paired well.

On to the appetizer. This was THE BEST! I loved this dish. We split it and it was just the right size for sharing. This was the bruschette with tomato and pico cheese, served with banana chutney. It was the right combination of sweet and salty. You can see the banana chutney, it is a pinkish purple color underneath the bread.

On to the main course. Ryan ordered a steak. This was served on "the rock" which was a hot block that causes the meat to sizzle, steam, and continue to cook while at the table. It was served with salad and french fries.
From this angle you can see the size of the steak. You can also see the 3 different sauces that came with it.
I ordered the parrotfish, which is a local fish with a mild, yet distinct flavor. It almost tasted like salt water. To the credit of the server, he did tell me it was unique. It was not the best fish I have ever had, but it was good and the rest of the dish preparation was delicious. The fish was topped with carrots and served over potatoes and chopped shrimp (both cut to the same size cubes) in a safron sauce. This was excellent. When we were finishing dinner we did notice the ladies nearby receiving their food. They ordered these amzaing looking skewers of shrimp and veggies, so I already know what I am getting next time.
Of course no fancy evening out is complete without dessert. Here is my brownie sundae. Very tasty, although it did have walnuts inside, which for some reason I do not like.
And lastly we have Ryan's dessert. This was the house cake, or specialty dessert. It was sweet, but not too sweet. It tasted like a buttercream frosting.
We were fairly full by the time we got to dessert, so we passed on the chocolate fondue, but it looked great. It was served with all fruits. I am hoping to try that next time. I know this is one place we will go back to for dinner, and I am certain when friends and family come to visit we will bring them here to dine.
QUESTION TIME: What is your favorite restaurant and what do you like best there?

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