A few pictures from around the island

I don't have too much time right now for a nice long post, but I do have some great pictures I want to share. Most weekends we will get in the car and just drive. Well there is only so much driving to do as the island is small and there are only so many roads. The coast line is a beautiful drive for obvious reasons, but the interior of the island is green and filled with forests and fields. Here are some pics just to get you acquainted with the landscape here. Don't worry, many more photos to come with detailed explanations.

Here is a coastal view taken while we were on a driving tour. Their street signs are so cute!

This was taken at a small lake and park area somewhere in the interior of the island. The greenery is so refreshing after living in Vegas for 5 years (but I love the Vegas scenery too).

This is one of the MANY natural swimming holes that can be found in coastal towns. This was taken in Bisoitos, up north. During summer months these are popular swim spots.

This is a view of Praia do Vitoria, taken from above. This is where you can find the only sandy beach on the island. The beach in Angra has sand, but it did not naturally occur there. The restaurant I posted on the other night was down in this town.

Here is a shot of Split Rock. You can actually take small boats and explore the caves inside.

This was taken in Angra do Heroismo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Very cool town and lots of historic sights to see. This is actually a picture of Monte Brasil, a large park.

And my last photo to shar today is of one of the churches in Angra. I love the colors they paint buildings on this island. They take pride in their buildings and they always look so pretty.

Since my blog is not just food and nutrition, I plan to post also on our travelling adventures. I don't have nay big travel plans yet. I am quite happy just exploring around here. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the places here or anything I blog about.

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kristen :) said...

How beautiful!!! A photographer's dream :) How many people inhabit the island? mmm fruit pops, I haven't tried the yogurt honey flavor, but I like the cookies and cream and mango one :)

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