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Yesterday our things finally arrived. I have been unpacked and setting up since yesterday morning. While the seal was broken on our crates, it seemed as though everything was OK. It seems as though I may have brought too many clothing items (surprise, surprise). The coolest part was actually getting to take our wedding gifts out of the packages. This was mostly the kitchen items and it is so nice to know that we can actually cook food now. Here is a picture of out new silverware, real silverware, that ironically the dietitians from Sunrise Hospital gave to us for a wedding present.

It actually looks all nice and neat in the bamboo silverware tray we also received as a gift. Well, it is at least organized for now. We'll see what it looks like after we start using it. If you are wondering what the green item is in the back, it is my kiwi knife/spoon. This utensil has been through a lot to get here. First, it was to be packed with all the utensils to come here. After the movers left we found it on the garage floor. So, I really wanted this, but now what was I to do. Ok, now it gets packed in a box of other left over items that need to be shipped here. Yes, it arrived here safely. Well, yesterday as we were unpacking our things and packing up the borrowed kitchen items, I noticed I once again lost the kiwi spoon. Whew, I found it packed up with the items to be returned to the base. Good thing I noticed when I did. I always try to keep kiwis arouns since they are so healthy and packed full of good vitamins, especially vitamin C. This kiwi knife/spoon came from the Zespri booth at the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo in Philly 2 years ago. This makes taking a kiwi to lunch very easy. I love it!

Ok, my last item of mention for today is the Magic Jack. I finally was able to hook it up to my computer and a phone permanently. My mom bought this for us when we moved overseas. We have a local Baltimore number and anyone calling us with a cell phone is able to use regular minutes, the same as calling any other number in the States. This will allow us to have free calling to friends and family back home (well free other than the initial fee and yearly fee, which is minimal when you think about it, it's only $20 a year for unlimited US calling). So, we will see how this works out for us. Must get back to the unpacking!

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Anonymous said...

It's always nice to unpack and get settled - love the silverware!!

So cool about the magic jack too!

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