Dinner from the sea, by the sea

Last night we started off with a plan for dinner. It was Friday night so it made sense to head into town to grab a bite to eat. We have passed by a bar on several occasions that is just above the beach so there is a great view. When we arrived there no one was inside except for the owner. She did speak some English so we asked if they served any food. She informed us just some sandwiches and cheeseburgers, just snacks (there are so many "snack bars" here). Our first comment was that there was nothing vegetarian. She of course apologized and directed us to two other establishments.

The first was just up the road and then down a side street towards the water. She said the food was very good. The second was an Italian place on the other side of the building where we were standing. Game plan: go to the first place she mentioned since it was further away, and if there is nothing good on the menu we will turn around and hear to the Italian place.

We walked just as the woman said, up to the flowers and then head down the side street. We are not sure we actually found the place she was talking about, but we did find a place that we have passed many times before. There was an outdoor bar and seating area, but there was also a restaurant with an indoor seating area. The sign said snack bar, but they did have a dinner menu with many hot food items.

After ordering some fish dishes we decided to eat outside. The weather was so nice. Not too hot, not too cold, and not too windy (although there is always some degree of wind here, it is an island). Here is a picture of our view (and you can see we were just served our dinner, not to mention the "Save Water, Drink Margaritas Shirt").

It is so nice to be able to have a relaxing Friday night dinner sitting by the ocean, eating fresh fish. I ordered the Turbot. Not really sure what kind of fish this was, but to me it seemed like the wreckfish i have ordered in the past. It was served with a salad and boiled potatoes. It was very good and I could not find any bones (except the giant one in the middle!).

Ryan also went for fish. He ordered fish fillets. After some investigating we discovered this was simply fried fish, the way we would expect it to be. We did not want a repeat of the frito misto (fried mixed fish pieces) from Praia Fest. This was so much better than the last attempt at fried fish. These were perfectly golden pieces of fish and were served with salad and boiled potatoes.

After a delicious dinner it was nice to take a stroll by the beach and smell the ocean air. That's one of the perks of living by the ocean. You can have dinner right on the water and enjoy fresh fish any time you want.

On a side note: The "Save Water, Drink Margaritas" shirt came from the BEST Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. Bonito Michoacan is the best. Do not confuse it with any other Michoacan restaurant in Vegas. This is on the west side on Decatur and not too far from the strip. This would be a usual dinner out for us on a Friday night in Vegas. Well, OK, probably any night of the week. If we had a craving for Mexican, this was the spot (well, there is Ricardo's too, but that's another story). This was the t-shirt all the waiters wear. We loved it so much that when we knew we were leaving and having our last meal at Bonito's, we both purchased one of these shirts as a souvenir. Next time I go to Vegas I am heading to Bonito's (likely with my best friend and also a dietetian, Judy, since she introduced me to it in the first place).

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I didn't know you used to live in Vegas! I haven't had any good Mexican in more than three years...

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