Pizza in a cone

Two weekends ago we found ourselves in Angra again. It seems that many restaurants do not open until 6pm or later for dinner. We wanted to try what looked like a nice (fancier than an everyday establishment) restaurant since we have passed it many times, btu never been inside. The woman spoke some English, but told us they open ay 18:00 if we wanted to come back. So we left. Once we got back out to the street we looked at a clock and noticed it was 17:58. Confused by her concept of opening time (she literally left the place behind us and walked down the street. perhaps to smoke one last cigarette before opening or to grab a coffee?), we decided to visit Kono Pizza, a pizza joint we ate at once before. On a Saturday afternoon it is always nice to sit and dine by the water. This is like a fast food place, but nicer. This is the outdoor dining area and the view of the ocean.

This place is so cute. The concept is that the pizza crust is in the shape of a cone. There are hot pizzas, cold pizzas and dessert pizzas. They also sell hamburgers on bagels, breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and some salads. Last time my pizza was so good that I really felt I needed to get that kind again. Not eating meat also limits my choices. I knew going in this time that I was going to not only get one of the pizzas, but also try a dessert. I knew I would almost always be too full to want the dessert, so I would just need to make up my mind now before I never got a chance to order one during my two years on this island. Boy was it worth it.

Here is the store front. Sorry for the glare, but it gives an idea of what it looks like.

This is the hamburger menu. I won't be trying these, but I like that they serve them on bagels.

This is the cold pizza menu. I ordered from here. I went with the Noruegues. This is basically a corss between a bagel with lox and cream cheese and a cheese pizza. This was cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and smoked salmon on the top part. In the very bottom was some hot pizza sauce and a small amount of melted cheese. Interesting taste combo, but surprisingly good. Ryan went with the first on here, the Kapricho. This was the same tomato sauce and cheese in the bottom, but the top cold portion was sliced tomatos and fresh cheese cubes (it's the one pictured at the top of the sign). He also got the combo meal which meant we had a lovely salad to share before eating our pizzas.

Here is the machine they use to heat the cones. The dough is already cooked and in the cone shape. This toaster has cone holders and the cone simply rotates through the machine to become warm.

Although we wanted to sit outside, there were some girls smoking so we moved upstairs. Here is the view from the upstairs window.

Since this is not quite as fast as fast food, it did take some time to get our lunch, but it looked wonderful when it did arrive. I love their presentation.
This is my kono pizza. It is neat how the top is cold, yes the bread is warm, and the bottom is hot. It actually works well and tastes great.

And then it was time for dessert. The cone itself is a bit smaller than the pizza cone. I was thankful for that. Ryan's is on the left. He had a kono split, which was cream, chocolate and banana. I tried the chocolate kono. This was a special type of cream, on the chunky side, with bits of chocolate which melt during the heating process. They were delicious. I am glad I tried one though since I know I would go back there and always be wondering about them. Now that my curiousity has been satisfied, along with my sweet tooth, I think I can go sometime without the kono dessert and pizza in one sitting.

This is one of the more unique concepts I have seen in food service. What about you? What's the most interesting or unique food service concept you have seen or tried?


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kristen :) said...

wow, I've never seen pizza in a cone before, but what a fun concept and what a great view! I can't believe how small the island is, how interesting. Good luck with your new Kaplan term!

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its delicious!!
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