Vegas Memories (Part 2)

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!!!

Well, maybe not, but seeing as I am recovering from what is a mild ear infection with some water in my ear, I am trying to get some rest and can't think of anything good to post on today, so I decided to share some photos from Las Vegas, where I lived for 5 years before moving overseas with my husband.

If you missed my Vegas Memories (part 1) make sure you check out those photos too. Oh, and if you are wondering how someone from Baltimore, MD ended up living in Las Vegas, NV, click here to find out more.

These fountains are outside of the Wynn, which is relatively new on the strip.

Hash House a Go Go is one of my fave restaurants, not so much because of the food, but a lot to do with the presentation of the food and the atmosphere. It's a great place to bring visitors to try and I love it since I can share entrees with people and then get a chance to try many things. Beware, the portions are HUGE!!! These are just a few pics.

This was from an amazing summertime display. This is a replica of the Bellagio complete with mini working water show in the front with the fountains. Welcome to the Chinese New Year...this is from the year of the rat.
Some Christmas penguins.

This is an autumn display.
Here I am looking just as much a pumpkin as this giant gourd beside me. I always loved the fall exhibits because there was never really a fall season in Las Vegas. Springtime display, which I love. They always have a greenhouse with butterflies inside.
Water anyone?
And since I am feeling slow just like this guy below, I am going to go lay down.
Have a great Monday!!!
QUESTION: If you have been to Vegas, what was your fave free activity? Paid activity?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I've NEVER been to LAs Vegas! Nick has been there many times and he always talks about it. I'm jealous. Can you imagine how many fun pumpkin creations you could make with that GIANT pumpkin (ok, gourd...)?! Crazy.

Hope you're feeling better. At least you know what the issue is now! Ear infections are no fun. I did used to get those a lot as a child, and I had to get tubes put in my ears, ugh.

Julie said...

Ughhh I neeeeed to get to Vegas soon! That food looks SO good :) especially that sammie or whatever it is going on at the beginning :)

get better sooon!! knock that ear infection out girl!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better!

What a fun post! Yes, I have been to Vegas a few times, and I loved it. I love all the crazy, over the top exhibits and noise and fun... I always felt like I truly got away from it all... I'm sure it's a bit different when you actually live there...

Nutritious is Delicious said...

haha! I love how it looks like a christmas tree is branching out of that sandwich...which looks delicious...btw! :D

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Vegas, but my husband spent a couple of years there as the manage for a comedian. He doesn't drink and doesn't gamble, but he loved Vegas because of all of the sights.

I just went back and read your recap post. Thanks for sharing your career path. It took me all this time to get myself on the educational path to be an RD, but I am hoping my background in psychology and counseling will be an asset. I love reading about how and why different people chose this career path.

kristen :) said...

ahh Vegas! always over the top :) I think my favorite activities all don't have to deal with the strip lol I enjoy going to red rock or utilizing all the bike paths in henderson :)

Wharzutility said...

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