3 Very Different Local Meals

Now that I have shared all about my trip to Boston for FNCE, I think I can finally catch up on the many, many photos I have from before I went stateside.  Here are 3 meals, from 3 very different restaurants, all within less than a mile of each other, and more importantly, all right by the ocean.

Meal #1: Traditional Portuguese from Garca

Spreadable cheese, which is actually very good
I had the boca negra, which is a fish that is usually served whole, with the head and everything.  On this evening, I happened to have had them serve it open, which makes it a little easier to get the bones out.
I was impressed with the veggie side this time because this is not the usual presentation.
Ryan had the steak made in the local and traditional way, which means it comes with fries, rice and a fried egg.
No, the picture is not upside down, I just took the picture leaning over the table and it looked funny when I tried to rotate it.

Meal #2: Italian at La Barca

Bread, of course
I splurged and got the 4 cheese gnocchi's, which were really good, but extremely rich.  I did manage to eat the leftovers, so it did not go to waste.
Ryan was in a pizza mood.
Oh, and then there was dessert.  We LOVE this chocolate cake and always ask first if they have it in, just so we know to save room and take leftovers if needed.
Meal #3: “Upscale” Portuguese at Copos e Companhia.

Here we started with a variety platter that contained crackers, butter, olives and very small hard boiled eggs (not sure what kind of eggs).
 DSC07341 DSC07343
Bread, of course…why should this meal be without bread?
Ryan had a steak…you can see he has been in a meat mood.  I am not 100% sure what this was served with, but I think you can see why I referred to this as upscale.
This also came with some French fries, but they were really greasy.
I ordered the flaked cod fish with spinach and potatoes.
This meal was just fair, but we anticipated that going in, and only went so we could say we tried it.  To end the night, which was the night before I left for Boston, we got some coffee drinks to combat any sleepiness so we could watch a movie at home.
QUESTIONS:  Which meal looks most appealing to you?  What do you consider upscale dining?


sophia said...

The boca negra. Seriously. I've been craving fish sooo much. That looks SO good!!

Simply Life said...

oh my gosh, I'm just getting hungry looking at all the pictures!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I have an obsession with ordering gnocchi whenever it's on the menu (my family and friends always make fun of me!). So I was right away drawn to the gnocchi! :-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I love the gnocchi too. It's the only "pasta" I can eat (although I know it's NOT pasta). The brussel sprouts are quite the ugly green color!! Yuck, no bueno. But I would also love the flaked cod!

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