FNCE Day 1

The first full day started off with a breakfast sponsored by the Public Health and Community Nutrition Practice Group of which I am a member.  This breakfast was sponsored by Mrs. Dash and the Avocado Board.  The speaker was presenting on Produce for Better Health Foundation.  This was very interesting to hear about the shift from the 5 a day program to Fruits and Veggies More Matter Campaign.  If you are not familiar with the new program, make sure to check it out. 
Of course with those sponsors and presenters, the breakfast was an omelet with avocado and my plate was filled with fruit and some potatoes.  I did a good job making half my plate from produce.
Then I went to hear some great presentations.  First up was called The truth about weight loss diets: From detox to nutrient composition- what really works.  I am sorry to say that the breakfast ran late and I missed the first speaker, which was Frank Sacks, MD.  The second speaker was Christine Gerbstadt, who is an RD and a MD.  At first I was nervous because she was speaking on detox diets and has a detox diet book coming out in the future.  Yes, I heard detox and I was nervous.  The good news is that she does not mean flush your system on fasts or juice diets.  She reviewed the science behind what is excluded on fasts, and concluded that if this is short term and helps psychologically get someone going on a “real” weight loss plan, then it may not be harmful.  Those first quick water loss pounds can really inspire someone to get their act together and clean up their diet.  Keep this RD’s name in mind because when her book comes out, I know I am going to buy it and read it.  I loved how she brought the science to this hot topic. 

The last speaker in this session was Joy Bauer, RD, who you may know from the Today Show.  She has the Joy Fit Club.  She is also a very inspiring presenter who cares about the success of her clients, so she shared with us 10 tips for weight loss success.  The best part was the personal stories and success of her clients that she shared.  While there was really no new information in her presentation (at least for me), she is truly an inspiration to those of us in weight loss.  She also encourages RDs to write in with their clients stories who have lost 100# or more and kept it off, assuming they wouldn’t mind being on TV.
The next session I was headed to, I admit I got side tracked in the member showcase section and never made it all the way to hear the session.  Good thing there are materials online so I can go back and view them later.  One thing I found there was information on IBS and talk of the FODMAPS diet, which you may know of if you read Gina's blog.  After I looked at the member showcase, and accidentally gave myself an allergic reaction (a lady was giving away chapstick and my lips were chapped from the wind, so without thinking I applied it and then realized it was mint, which I am allergic to…Oops!…also another reason why I did not make it to the session) I headed to the expo for a little bit. 

Here are some of the products I found on Sunday:

Body Quest Ice Cream: Here is the thing, I see it is advertised for body building because protein is so important, but I think it has a better application and that is LTC for elderly patients who like and want ice cream and are at risk for pressure ulcer development and just over all low protein intake.  I tried the chocolate flavor and it was only fair.  It was hard to scoop out and a bit freezer burned, but I bet if it was not in a deep freeze prior, it would be good.  Honestly, I think this is great for LTC or cancer patients, but not really necessary for a body builder, although they may enjoy it.
Next up is Storye Bread: My first word for you is YUM!  My second word is DELISH!  In loved this bread and it was so moist.  I don’t usually like rye because of the caraway seeds, and this did not have those and was so good.  This is made from European grains and is a specialty product, so the price is high, but worth trying.  It is about $4 for a pack of 4 slices, so like a dollar a slice.  The website states European grains, pure water, yeast free, no preservatives.
Look at this insane loaf of bread.
 Clif Bars: I could not resist stopping by here, actually multiple times, but don’t tell anyone.  I tried Clif, the Clif PB crunch granola bar (which I loved), Z Bar, Luna products and the Clif Builder’s bar.  Loved them all.  They really make a tasty product.
Next I found Upstate Farms Yogurt: They sampled two flavors and both were good.  I like that it was gelatin free.  Oh, and it is nonfat.  If you see this anywhere, give it a try.
Really? Probiotic dark chocolate candies.  I am not kidding and this was not the only “flavor”.  There were other health candies there.  they look like peanut m&m’s.  This is put out by Ostrim, which is a nutrition supplement group for sports and body builders.  I actually played their spin the wheel game and won a sports nutrition meal stick and was like “yuck, seriously, I am a vegetarian” and so the kind employee gave me a sample bag of these candies instead.  I have yet to actually try them so I will update you later on taste.
Oh yes, Popchips were there.  I got some tasty samples here.  I know many of you are familiar with this product, but if not, give these popped chips a try.
When I hear Blue Diamond I think almonds.  I did not realize they had these cool nut products too.  These are the Nut-Thins crackers, yes, made from almonds, and are gluten free.  You heard me right, these are gluten free.  They were tasty and come in so many flavors.
 Amy's made for a great lunch.  They sampled the rice crust pizza and the rice mac and cheese.  For rice based gluten free products, these were pretty darn good.  I would even by them for myself.  Overall, you can’t go wrong with Amy’s.  I have always been a  fan because I am a vegetarian and these products give me delicious options.
More snack bars.  I can’t tell you how many snack bars I tried, and how many samples I lugged back over the Atlantic Ocean.
Next up: Kettle Cuisine.  These are prepackaged convenience soups that come in a variety of flavors.  I was most impressed they had 3 vegetarian options for me to try.  This pictured here is a vegetable soup.  It was really tasty.  Many are gluten free.  As with any soup, the sodium is a tad up there at around 700 mg in one soup container.  not the worst, not the best, but if watching sodium all day, this can certainly fit in the diet.  I like that it is convenient and good fit in my lunch bag.
Lastly, Sunland Peanut Butter.  I was excited to try this raspberry PB, and it was delicious.  I certainly think this is worth giving a try if you see it.  They had many other flavors too.  they also have some other products, so check them out at the link posted just above.
Then I went back to the sessions.  The next topic was The Future of Dietetics: Nutritional Genomics, Chronic Disease and You.  Can I first say, this sounded like it would have been so interesting.  Now, I am sorry to say that the presenter had a thick accent, was in a large room, and the microphone did him no justice.  It was too hard to hear and many people left early.  It really was so hard to make any sense and I was in the back so it was hard to see.  I am happy to say that at least the powerpoint slides are online.  The presenters were Jose Ordovas (he was very hard to understand) from Tufts and Ruth DeBusk.
Some of the information from this presentation includes:

-Nutritional Supplements and CVD: no data to support use of b-carotene supplements to reduce CVD risk; data does not support use of folic acid and other b vitamins to reduce the risk of CVD; more research needed on vitamin D and the role in CVD risk reduction; data does not support use of vitamin E to reduce CVD risk

-There is probably a need for nutritional genomics; based on individual needs, and there are differences in genetics as a result of genetic polymorphism, in other words, humans are diverse.
-Genetic testing can allow for early detection of chronic diseases

-If genetics show low risk, then it can be inferred they will benefit from the standard local diet, or the standard nutrition advice

-Nutritional genomics will help with the science based link between the interactions of genes and nutrients, and on a global level

-Nutrigenomics is the link between gene and nutrient interactions

-Nutrition professionals and researchers have major opportunities presented to them at this time to play a role in research, and are experts in variety of areas that make them appropriate to study in this area
I think for me personally, as a science based person, this is an area that research needs to look at and can’t be ruled out and I think this can help because cultures are different genetically and what may work for one subgroup, may not work for another.

The final session I went to for the day was sponsored by the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group, which I just joined after attending this session.  This was a workshop discussion group where we were told about vegetarian nutrition and then worked at our tables to discuss barriers and how to overcome them when it comes to vegetarian diets in nutrition therapy, school food service and sports nutrition.  My table had sports nutrition.  We thought some barriers included under education by others in the sport which would result in people telling someone they simply can’t be an athlete and a vegetarian.  We also included lack of resources or product availability in some areas.  Some people are uncomfortable dining around others because they do not want to be questioned.  Overall we thought education was essential and if people were aware how easy it is to still eat a balanced diet and not need meat to be a performance athlete, then more people would be comfortable with this if a vegetarian lifestyle is what they desired.

After all the sessions were over, I was invited to the LAHIDAN (Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition, which is a member interest group) reception.  My good friend and former intern is very involved with this group and on the board so she asked me to come.  It was an awesome experience and I think when I work again with this population, I will join this group for the resources and networking.
Chef Ana Garcia, who is big in Mexico and on TV and who runs a Mexican Culinary Vacation did a cooking demo for the group.
After that, the current American Dietetic Association president, Judy Rodriquez spoke to the group, as she has been involved with LAHIDAN too and is our first Hispanic president.  She was there to present an award.  It was great to hear her speak and address this group which is so near to her heart.
By then I was exhausted, so I headed back to the hotel.  We went to the concierge level, which we had access too, and raided the evening dessert bar.  Really i was not too hungry, so I had a cookie.
After a nice shower, I headed across the street to Shaw's, which is an awesome grocery store.  I could not resist despite having spent all day on my feet looking at food product.  I just wanted to check it all out and buy food to send home.
They had some giant lobsters in the tank.
Look at all the fun stuff.
Here are my goodies.  It is amazing, but when I would have normally bought prepackaged grains already seasoned, I realized now after all the cooking I have done, that I would rather get the plain and just use it for my own dish.
The brown rice couscous is one of those examples.  It came in flavors, but I thought the plain would be easier to work with now for my own recipes.  I also bough some red rice, like the black rice my dad sent me awhile back.
My other kasha molded and so I bought a new box.
I can never resist Indian, so I did buy these premade meals.  If you have never tried these, you really should.  If you are vegetarian and like camping out, you can’t go wrong with these. 
I am thinking this 7 grain pilar will be great with some berries and almond butter for breakfast.  that was my first idea because I found it with the breakfast foods.
Wow, that was it for my first day at FNCE 2010.  Boy I am tired now just thinking about all that I fit in.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever heard of any of these foods I tried at the expo?  Do you like Amy’s product?  What is your favorite gluten free food/company?  Ever been to Shaw’s?


Special K said...

WOW! I so would want to be there just to sample everything. I am 100% jealous and happy for you....one thing I HATE is detoux diets. But you know what? I don't and have never lived with morbid obesity. The jumpstart may just motivate...and others, it would send them psychologically into binge rebound...that's interesting to me.
Oh girl! I would love to peruse with you. In the end, though, those gimmcky stuff boils down to taste. Bar far the best thing I've had on your list are pop chips...and I Do love an Amy's every now and again...just got a pizza last week at the commissary...do you get them at yours?

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Looks like you had a first great day at FNCE! I am so glad we got to chat..even for a quick second. I got a bit carried away with all the tasty samples myself. It is just so tempting.
I also was there for the detox diets talk and I felt she did a great job in discussing it.

Rachel said...

oh no, we missed each other at FNCE! obviously, I've been totally slacking off in the blog world. It looks like you enjoyed the conference. I was a bit overwhelmed by the Expo, and had some GI distress after living off of samples for 2 days. I guess that's entirely my fault right? I'm not in any of the 3 DPGs that you mentioned, but good to know. Also, thank you for your comment on my giveaway. Happy Friday Melinda!

Biz said...

I actually think Shaw's is a bit overrated - there are much better seafood restaurants in the Chicago area.

I love, love, love those Jalapeno chips - prepared to be addicted!

Have a great weekend!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I'm so glad they did something on FODMAPs!! It is definitely becoming more popular. I really wish I could have gone this year. I remember leaving the expo last year completely bloated from all the bars I tried! They are everywhere. Seriously, lunch was had just by walking around the expo a couple times :) The Kettle soup was there last year too, and so amazing. The raspberry PB sounds great, I will have to search for that in the stores.
Glad to hear they were not all about the detox diets. I do think it's a good point to say that for some it may be ok. I think if you know what you are doing and you know that it's not something you should do for an extended period, than maybe it can provide some benefit. Great point. And yes, great for motivation.

Jessie said...

Glad you had a great time, Melinda! I wanted to go to the weight loss session but never made it there, so I'm happy you went so I can refer to your notes! It's good that the notes are on the ADA website because I had such a hard time understanding the poor guy at the nutritional genomics session - that room was definitely not made to be half empty (needs people to prevent the echo).

I remember that crazy loaf of bread! I definitely had some stomach upset after all those samples. I couldn't wait to get back to regular eating. I'm glad you had a safe trip back home!

Simply Life said...

I was invited to attend just one seminar which was fun to be at- but I wasn't able to get to see all the fun foods!

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