One meal out and One meal in

Each week is mixed with home cooked meals in and delicious restaurant meals out.  Some weeks are more on the out than in side, but with me cooking twice weekly, it seems like there are more at home meals.  Monday night is usually pizza night.  Not sure why, but it just is.  In fact, we have pizza lined up for tonight.  Tuesday and Thursday nights are now the nights I cook.  Wednesday can go any which way, and Friday night is what equates to date night.  The weekends are a completely different story.

This brings me to 1516, which is a Beer House in Angra, the main city of the island.  This was a Friday night dinner.  We have not been here in quite some time, and I needed to do an updated review for my other blog, AKA my side project, which is specific to the island.
Yes, yes, yes, warm bread to start.
This is with the local, fresh goat cheese.
This butter is the reason I like butter now.  This is about as local as I can get with butter without churning it myself.
This is an essential part of dining at 1516.  This is Erdinger, which is a German beer.  They also have Chimay here, which is fantastic.
I couldn’t resist ordering some olives.
Ryan had the steak, served in the traditional Portuguese way.  I have posted this before, but can you guess all the components of the traditional steak.
I had the abrotea, which is a lightly battered and fried white fish.
As always, a meal is not a meal around here with a coffee drink to end it.
Another Friday night dinner success.  I love trying the local food and restaurants.  I will always have an excuse to want to dine out.

Next up is a meal I prepared at home for myself on a Wednesday night, which if you remember from above is a wild card night.  Ryan was going to make a breakfast burrito with some non-vegetarian items, so I decided to jump on the breakfast burrito bandwagon and use up some leftover veggies I had in the fridge.

I started with red pepper and onion.  This is the perfect way to start off a breakfast burrito.
Then I added some soy crumbles for protein.
Next, in went the eggs.  I made a nice scramble.
Then I layered it in my tortilla, which was one of those La Tortilla Factory tortillas, and topped it off with some cheese.  I will say that was a fair tortilla, but not the best I have had.  On the other hand, I can’t complain when it has 70 calories less than my other tortilla.  I know people will find this “healthy” because the package says low carb, high fiber and high protein, but this is extremely processed, and is only high in protein and fiber because they have been added to it.  You can see it in the ingredient list.  So, those are not naturally occurring grams of protein and fiber.  Again, not a complaint, I like the fewer calories, but I am pointing out that this product has been made to meet those needs desired by people looking for a product just like this.
This is Ryan’s non-vegetarian burrito, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever heard of Erdinger?  Chimay?  What is your favorite burrito filling?  More on burritos to come.  I am working on a burrito recipe for tomorrow night.


Rachel Lauren said...

I love Erdinger!! Chris has been getting it sometimes since we got home. It's really good and reminds me of our waiter at porto das pippas! If you see Erdinger dark it's really good! Lol we also found a few places that have super bock and sagres.

MelindaRD said...

HAHA, Ryan opted for something other than pizza tonight, which is only funny because I posted that we would be having pizza. He wasn't super hungry, and so I ended up having an english muffin with PB and banana.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

YUM, I love burritos! They are my favorite go-to easy meal at home. I rarely make breakfast burritos, but when I do I always scramble a bunch of eggs and cheese, and add it to a whole wheat burrito (not low carb though, ever). Like you said, low-carb sounds healthy, but I would rather have the carbs and less fillers!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

That goat cheese looks to die for! It must be super fresh! yum!!
I love how you get a coffee at the end of your meals. I should start doing that.
And I love breakfast easy and delish!

Ameena said...

I love filling burritos with roasted vegetables and flax. Random combination - I totally realize that. :) But it is delicious!

Trader Joe's has the best brown rice torillas - I realize that you can't try them since you are nowhere near a TJ's but I thought I'd mention it just in case...

Biz said...

Glad you had such a nice date night!

I used to work at a restaurant where other than the head chef, it was all Mexicans who cooked. One sous chef in particular made the best pulled chicken burritos - he always had a pot on the stove for the servers - to die for!

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