Dinner and a Circus

I am beyond amazed that I still have things to share from almost a month ago.

One night we headed out to this restaurant, which we call the Blue Hotel, AKA Hotel Caracol.
It has a lovely view of Monte Brasil.
Seriously?  It was late October and there was someone out spear fishing.
Once the restaurant did open and we could get in (we were only 15 minutes early), we started off with some bread.
It came with butter, olives and cheese.
Here is the view of the ocean and Monte Brasil from our table just before the sun set.  I can’t ever complain about the views around here.
Ryan and I both had the soup, which was chickpea.  It was pretty good.
Ryan ordered whatever the special was for the day, and I know it was fish, but like I said, this was quite some time ago and I just don’t remember the details of this.  With that being said, you can assume it was not a memorable dish and he really did not enjoy it.  In fact, I think it was a piece of extra chewy codfish. 
Mine on the other hand was good.  This was pasta and veggies with a light honey sauce that gave it just the right amount of sweetness.
During our wait for dinner we noticed a sign for a circus.  Really?  A circus travelled all the way to an island?  Your amazement is about the same as ours.  Out of curiosity, we headed there after dinner (plus a slight detour across the street for ice cream).  

This is what we found.
Yep, a random tent set up in the parking lot of the bull arena.  The headlining act was live sharks.  Tubarao means shark in Portuguese.
Here is the shark to get you ready.
We were so excited because this was about the randomest thing we have ever seen on the island.  They brought this all the way from Lisbon and it even went to multiple islands.  While the show was in Portuguese, the humor was universal and we could understand most of what was going on.

The performers are the Cardinali family.  Here are the cute little sea lions (?) they preformed with.
Then there was some acrobatics.
This guy climbed up here and did some juggling.
Then at the end, they lifted up a curtain and revealed the shark tank.
Wouldn’t you know, the juggler guy got in the tank and swam with them.
So, there you have it…A mainland circus brought to the island.  It was a fun evening, even if the dinner wasn’t the best.

QUESTIONS:  When was the last time you went to the circus?  What is your favorite part of the circus?  Least favorite?


Ameena said...

The closest I get to circuses is the Cirque de Soleil! I can't stand to see animals performing things...but I do love to see people doing super amazing things!!

I love how most of your restaurant recaps include the most delicious looking bread ever.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Chickpea soup?? I have to say...I shutter at the thought. I don't like chickpeas a whole lot, and chickpea soup just doesn't sound good to me, but it's definitely unique!

So random that there was a "mini circus" on the island. I think it's so neat that you and Ryan decided to go check it out. I love how you always go on a new adventure!! You are definitely taking advantage of your time on the island and I think that's great.

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