Azorean Meals

By now you must be getting tired of typical Azorean meals, but the truth is that I am trying to get my fill before heading to Japan.  Here are two meals, and you won't even believe this, but one is at a restaurant near the base that I have not eaten at yet.

This first one was during Passover, so while Ryan enjoyed this burger...
I enjoyed shrimp (yes never kosher, Passover or not, but I don't keep that kind of Kosher to begin with). Plus, it was the only real option I had on the menu.  I am really glad I ordered these because they were really good.  Just not enough of them though. :)
DSC09036 DSC09037
My friend Alexandra and I heard some good things about this place, which is just down the street and for some reason I had never been to.
 DSC09045 DSC09048
Again, it was Passover, so Alexandra enjoyed bread while I had my cheese and butter with the matzo I brought along.
Since she ordered the buffet, she started off with the pea soup, which she said was absolutely amazing.
This was the lunch buffet.  All you can eat for 7 euro (about $10).  There was soup, 2 meat entrees, 1 seafood entree, rice, salad, olives and chickpeas.
Since the buffet would have been a waste for me (hold the meat), I ordered a fish dish off the menu.  This was the grilled wreckfish, and was delicious.  I am definitely going to come back to this place, and next time bring Ryan.
QUESTIONS:  Is there a restaurant near your house that you keep driving by but never go in to eat?  What is your favorite (based on looks obviously) Azorean food I have shown on my blog?


Jessie said...

Those crescent moon bowls are cute - too bad they didn't fill them with more shrimp! I don't have a favorite Azorean meal from your blog, but I do like seeing all the fresh fish in your meals because I'm trying to include more seafood at dinners and I use your meals as inspiration!

Peter and I tend to go to the same restaurant all the time (I know, boring, right?), so I'm sad to say there are MANY places near our townhouse that we've never been to :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I learned a lot about Kosher food the other day at work. This guy I work with was telling me how shrimp isn't kosher, and neither is tuna. I didn't even know that! He was telling me how he converted several years ago, his story was pretty neat.

There are several restaurants we pass and want to check out. We try to only eat out once a month, so our list of places to go is GROWING!

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