Treats for me!

Since I am traveling now, but have not gotten to share this trip with you, I thought I would show some of the treats I received before heading on my trip.

The first is a painting Ryan and I bought on the street near our hotel in Paris.  It has been hanging unframed since last July.  It was time we framed this, and the other painting.  I love how the framing turned out.  It is amazing and we love this painting now hanging in our hall.
I got a package in the mail from Krystal over at the Special K Treatment.  She is in Germany, so I love the fun goodies she sends.
I think I am most looking forward to giving this a try.
How cute are these bunnies?  They taste good too!
Teeny little Ritter Sport bars.  If you have never had Ritter before, you are missing out.
Since this post is also one for catching up, here is a meal Ryan and I had before I went on my trip, and before he went on his.  Oh, I didn't tell you.  Ryan went to Boston, NYC and then to PA for his cousin's wedding.  It was a last minute plan and I was already on my way to Israel during that time.

So, on to the meal.  Looks about the same as they always do, especially because we have ordered these before at this place.  But we love the location, so we keep going back.
DSC09085 DSC09083 DSC09084
This was from our anniversary dinner.  Nothing fancy.  Just some Italian, as a symbolic gesture for the upcoming anniversary trip to Italy.  We will be heading to Florence, Rome and Venice at the end of the month (don't forget, I am looking for guest bloggers).
This is one of my favorite treats.  Our landlord owns a grocery store, so when we pay rent, we often get goodies.  This month we received a fresh (still warm) loaf of Portuguese sweet bread.  It is very similar to Challah bread, but a little sweeter.
I used it to make a giant egg and cheese sandwich.  
I think I cut the bread a tad too thick, but it was good anyway.
So what is my last treat?  Golf clubs!

Do I play?  Nope!

But my grandfather came across this set which he said would be perfect for me, and he thinks I need to learn, and seeing as Ryan likes to golf and wants clubs, I think this is a good idea.  Now I have my own. This is just the box, and the ones inside are not the ones on the box.  But you can get an idea of how big this package was.  I had to carry this myself out of the building, out to my car and then into my house.  It was about as tall as me!
QUESTIONS:  Do you golf?  Get any treats recently?

Let me know if you are interested in doing a guest blog post for me.


Unknown said...

your bread and Italian food look yummy :) I do not golf but everyone asked us that b/4 we went to Ireland! We do however sport Caves Valley gear b/c Jon gives it to us as that's a treat! I also received Easter treats from my mother in law (I'm trying to make them last) and my sister in law bought us a NON-Mothers Day hanging plant :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I love Ritter's chocolates. Nick's sister bought a dark chocolate bar for us one, and I ate in in two days (one of the large ones). It was so amazing.

I do not really like golf, but Nick loves it (as in, it's his passion!). I'm getting enjoy it more every time I play and as I "improve".

Astra Libris said...

SO excited that you're in Israel now!!! *jumping up and down with joy for you!!!* :-)

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