Getting to Israel on Shabbat

First things first…
I had to take a nap because I was EXHAUSTED!
In Israel we rented a condo.  It is a really neat experience.  Plus, I get all this closet space!
Here is the comfy living room.
The outdoor patio area and view.
 DSC09202 DSC09203 DSC09205
Then I got to the kitchen and had to snap a pic of the pretzels.
Here is the kitchen.  It is very cool to have a kitchen at our disposal while here.
Not that the kitchen kept us in for lunch on Shabbat.  Shabbat, or Shabbos, or Sabbath, is from sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday night.  I got in on Saturday morning so we still had time.  There is nothing like spending the holiest day of the week in the holiest city around.
My grandparents and Aunt had Shabbat dinner at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which is a very famous hotel here.  Even Obama visited and signed their walkway in the hall.  Since the meal was fantastic and great experience, they made a reservation for Shabbat lunch when I arrived.  So we headed out…after my nap.
Here I am with my grandma and aunt.
Here is my first venture out of the condo complex and into Jerusalem.  I was here back in 1996, but that was a long time ago, so it all feels new to me.
The hotel was just a short ride away.
Look how beautiful.
DSC09216 DSC09218
This is the Israeli flag, which is equally as symbolic in Judaism.
Couldn’t resist taking a picture of the menu (or part of it).
Here we are enjoying ourselves on a gorgeous day.
Let the eating begin!  Apparently, as May is Mediterranean Diet Month, I will be celebrating to the fullest.  First Israel and then Italy.  I swear I did not realize this as I was planning my trips, but it seems this is the best way to celebrate.
For starters we were served challah bread with tapenade and oil and herbs. 
My grandma ordered the gefilte fish.  This is somewhat of an acquired taste.
My grandpa ordered what has got to be the biggest sandwich I have ever seen.  Basically this is a Greek sandwich on challah bread.
DSC09226 DSC09227
My Aunt ordered the taste of Israel plate with some eggplant, Israel salad, hummus, and some cheese (which I thoroughly enjoyed!).
I ordered the club sandwich.  Oh, did I mentioned that I love the ease with which I can dine in Israel.  When it comes to restaurants, many are Kosher. When it is kosher dairy, no meat is allowed, so I am free to order anything, no questions asked.  So this was a roasted veggie club sandwich with various cheeses.  So good!
 DSC09229 DSC09230
Walking back we stopped to take a picture of this.  Too funny!
When the sun went down, Shabbat was over, and everything opened up.  So we went to the nearby mall to grab some dinner.  I love the lights they have up.  I am not sure if this is year round, or just because May 10 (two days ago) is Israeli Independence Day.
DSC09233 DSC09234
Not sure what this is, but looked so old and so pretty light up at night.  Had a Christian feel to it.
This mall had lots of art around.  These “shoes” were huge!
Dinner was at Cafe Rimon.
While we waited for the meal, we enjoyed some bread with olives, cheese and a green looking, but very tasty, spread.
My grandparents started with a salad (came with their meal) and my aunt and I shared the vegetable quinoa soup.  Can I say again that I love kosher dairy places!  No chicken in the broth.  All vegetarian!!!
DSC09240 DSC09241
My grandmother says this is the best pizza she has ever had.  It was garlic with cheese and clemente olives.  It was really good.
My aunt had a salad with quinoa and green beans.
I had stir fried veggies with noodles and some fried cheese.  I can’t remember the name of the cheese, but was similar to Indian cheese cubes.  I was impressed that the veggies were the focus and the noodles were few.  What a pleasant change from American food.  It was so light and nice, and packed with delicious veggies.  It was so huge that I took most back to the condo.
Are you wondering why we wound up at Roladin, a bakery?
We needed breakfast for the next morning!
I also had to admire their cakes.
I think I will end this post with a funny picture.  Do you know what this is?
A tissue box!!!  How cute is that.  You pull the tissue out of the big nose.  LMAO!

QUESTIONS:  Are you familiar with Shabbat?  Did you know that May is Mediterranean Diet Month?  Have you ever had challah bread?


Unknown said...

lol acquired taste. i am familiar with shabbat! shabat shalom :) I looooove challa bread...nom nom nom. hope UR having lots of fun and staying's a dry heat, right? xoxo!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy the rest of your visit!

EA-The Spicy RD said...

Your trip sounds fabulous! While I have heard of Shabbat, i am not very familiar with the customs. Love challah bread, but haven't eaten any since I went gluten-free :-(. Thanks for sharing that May is Mediterranean Diet month. I had no idea, but I LOVE Mediterranean cuisine, so I'm celebrating now :-)

Astra Libris said...

Ohhhhh, Shabbat in Jerusalem is the best thing ever!! I'm so happy for you! :-)

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