Happy Engagement Jessica and Saji!

Since this happened before I went to Israel, I can say congratulations to Saji and Jessica now on their marriage, but at the time, this was the engagement party, and really just a celebration as we knew they would be getting married soon.  Jessica is the teacher who I tutor for at the school, and she met Saji who is stationed here.  After a whirlwind romance they moved in together and are now married and moving back to the States soon for his next assignment.  We helped them celebrate in style.  Here is all the fun, and of course food, that we had at their celebration.  I helped in the planning and decorating, along with some awesome ladies who I am friends with here at the base.

We had a lovely spread of food, both catered and homemade.
These were wraps.
Spring rolls
Black bean quesadillas
Homemade sushi from one of our friends
Here is what the room looked like.  Remember that we are in a remote location (as in not much around) and so this room makes a common place for parties.  It is really a nice space and it is great to have it available to us.
They even got some nice presents.
Here is my plate of food.  Since I helped plan, you can bet I made sure there was food I could eat there.  I was in charge of getting the fruits and veggies! 
Here I am with Amy and Kristi, who kinda gave their experience and party planning expertise to this adventure.
This is cake #1, which was made by a great cake maker on base, and the mother of one of our students.
This is cake #2.  Why there are two cakes is a very long story, but just know that we had two.
Here is the happy couple getting ready to enjoy some cake.
DSC09103 DSC09106 DSC09108

I wish Jessica and Saji much happiness in their life together.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever planned a large party (wedding, shower, bachelorette)?  Whose was the last wedding you went to?


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Looks like a yummy celebration! You can never have too much cake... :) Congrats to Jessica & Saji!

We went to my hubby's cousin's wedding last weekend.

eatingRD said...

Fun! What a nice celebration. Haven't ever planned a large party, but in the process of trying to plan my own wedding, yikes! Hopefully will turn out ok :)
Glad you are enjoying your travels!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I agree with KRisten above, planning my own currently (Even though I'm not engaged yet!). So far, it's just as I thought it would be..not fun! But to me the most important part will be the cake. So two cakes for me would NEVER be a problem! As long as they taste good :)

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