Straight Back to Lisbon

You must think I really like Lisbon!

Actually, from the island, our only options are to Lisbon or Boston (or Toronto, but I am least likely to head that way, although it might be nice!).  When we head to mainland Europe, our entry point is always Lisbon.  There is usually a long lay over.  This time, for our trip to Italy, we decided to stay a full day in Lisbon.
After learning that some meat meals on airlines can prove questionable, Ryan now orders the veggie meal with me.  This time we got a nice grilled cheese with tomatoes.  This airline always gives snacks, and they are always sandwiches.
We stayed at the NH Campo Grande.
DSC00095 DSC00096
Since we had all afternoon, we headed out for some sightseeing. 
On the way we passed this.  Look familiar?  It’s the same store we shop at on the island.
Then we hopped on a bus.  Too bad the bus did not go where it was supposed too, and somewhere along the line my blood sugar dropped and I was not OK.  We got off the buss when we realized we turned off course, and looked for food.
DSC00100 DSC00101
We stopped just in time!  Then we caught the bus on the way back and got off at the right stop.  We passed by Jeronimo’s Monastery on the way to the Tower of Belem.
 DSC00103 DSC00104
We also pass this fun museum here, which is a tribute to Christopher Columbus.
Does this bridge look familiar?  It is by the same designer of the Golden Gate bridge, and therefore is the sister bridge.
Here we are approaching the Tower of Belem.
DSC00108 DSC00110
Here I am!
 DSC00116 DSC00117
It looks a little like a castle.
 DSC00120 DSC00125
A cruise ship was leaving the port.
Then we took a cab to the end of the main walking street/shopping street area.  This is a major square right at the water’s edge (which is behind me).
DSC00131 DSC00132
In the distance you can see the bridge behind us.  Before we were on the other side.
More pictures of the square and the big monument.
DSC00136 DSC00137 DSC00139
This first picture is from one side, and then the second is once we crossed over inside.
DSC00141 DSC00143
They do have cable cars here.
Then we started to get in to the dinner area.  Look at the size of those claws!
Lots of seafood.
DSC00148 DSC00149 DSC00150
I thought this was hilarious!  Anyone drink Port?
DSC00152 DSC00154
More statues and monuments.
 DSC00156 DSC00158
They even have an area called Restauradores, with lots of restaurants.
Fiddler on the Roof was playing.  I took this picture specifically for my aunt.
Then we settled in for dinner at an Indian restaurant.  Curious why we went to Indian when in Lisbon?  We actually needed a break from Portuguese food.  Although fresh fish would be nice, we get that all the time, in the same type of cooking style and flavors.  We ate at O Sitar, which is where I ate last summer with my mom and Joe.
Once we sat down we enjoyed some Indian beer.  We get Portuguese beer all the time, so this was a welcomed change.
Plus, we love Indian food, so this was perfect.  We started with some papadum, and then had some naan bread.
DSC00163 DSC00164
We ordered vegetable paneer and then vegetable korma.  Both were excellent.
 DSC00165 DSC00166
Oh, and of course we ordered rice.
I almost had a Ginjinha, but I passed.  This is a traditional sour cheery liquor from Portugal.
But we did stop for some ice cream for dessert.
DSC00169 DSC00170
So that was about all we fit in this time in Lisbon, before heading off to Venice!  Next stop…Italy!!!

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been to the Golden Gate Bridge?  Have you ever been to Lisbon?  Do you like Indian food?

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