Black Bottoms, From Scratch

Yes, that’s right, last weekend was not an entire meal..again, but it was something that HAD to be done.  If you have never had a black bottom before, you are missing out on a sweet treat that is delightful.  

Ryan spotted this in the Joy of Cooking cookbook, and that immediately become the From Scratch Weekends project.  We were so absorbed in enjoying our sweets that we opted out of a From Scratch dinner again, but that is no worry to us because this was still From Scratch.
Chocolate is a must for this moist cupcakey dessert.
Dry ingredients here getting mixed up.
Then came the cream cheese filling.
We were nice and shared the wrapper with the dog.  She is on steroids now and STARVING so we let her lick the cream cheese wrapper.  Yes, I am fully aware I should not be feeding my dog people food.
The sugar and cream cheese were mixed and then the chocolate chips were added.
Back to the dry ingredients here, which needed some wet ingredients added.
Then we got the muffin tin ready to go.  By now we were drooling in anticipation.
For these, the chocolate batter is added to fill 1/2 the cup.  The the cream cheese mixture is added by the spoonful on top.
Here is the before the oven shot.
This is the after the oven shot.
Then we let them cool, while still drooling everywhere.
These were heavenly.  Ryan had never had these before and in the week after I made them I found many people who have never had one either, so if you have never had them, MAKE THEM NOW!

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever had a black bottom?  Have you ever made them?  What is your favorite cupcake or muffin to bake?


Nicole, RD said...

Those look evil! I've never had one...or even heard of a black bottom. Sounds and looks like I've been missing out! I'll save this recipe for holiday time - they'd look cute with some red or green food dye!

chow and chatter said...

never had them but they look amazing send one to me!!!

Rachel Lauren said...

Haha duuh black bottoms at lennys or the bagel shoppe! And chocolate tops. Lol those look great melin!

sophia said...

I saw these in Starbucks once. I've made a mental note to make them myself, but never did. Here's another reminder, and this time, I shall listen!! They look fabulous! :D

Unknown said...
they are my FAVE!
I do make a mean chocolate chip banana bread...not really a muffin, but I am not really a baker :)

Special K said...

Never had a black bottom, or an edible version....but I am super not a cupcake gal. What I love is carrot muffins right now, with nuts and dried fruit that have the consistency of a biscuit/bagel...I super want some malt powder to make bagels like you did!

Simply Life said...

oh my gosh, these look amazing!

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