Couldn’t Resist

Couldn’t resist going back to Angra since Ryan had a day off of work, and we do not get many chances to be in town while things are open.  During the week everything closes at 6 pm and on Saturdays are open until noon, with not much open on Sundays.  That is expect for restaurants.
Since things were open, and I window shopped the day before, we decided another trip to Angra was in order.  Boy am I glad we decided to look around an area further up from where we normally hang out.  I found this awesome health food store.  Originally I was avoiding these because I thought they were supplement and wacky un-science based “healing” and “cleansing” products.  Well, some of these stores do have that, but they also have a nice selection of food items, including vegetarian options and a lot of gluten free products.
Check out all the Tofutti products.
Look at all the cool foods.  I found quinoa pasta, which I thought was neat.  My sister told me they have this in the States too.  I plan on buying it on my next trip there.
Then we walked across the street to see their Guarita location.  This is a local grocery store, and we have one near us, but I wanted to see inside here.
nothing out of the ordinary…
except I got stopped by security and the cashier.  This is the first grocery store I have found that would not allow pictures to be taken.  It was very weird and I just stared because he was not speaking my language.  Well, I guess I won’t be going there again!
Then we stopped for dinner.  Here is the view from the window at Kono Pizza.
They were out of cones *gasp* so we went with something different.
Ryan had a salad.
This is the first time I have seen a salad dressing that resembles something we would see in the States.
He also had an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel.  This is the first and only local place we have found with bagels.
I had a veggie burger on a whole grain bagel.  It was delicious.
I was glad I tried something different…but next time I want pizza in a cone!
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and the one thing you really wanted, they were out of that day?  Do things stay closed on Sundays where you live?  Have you seen quinoa pasta before?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

This place sounds great! The veggie burger on the whole grain bagel is such an innovative menu item, which I have never seen on a menu.

I was actually just looking into quinoa flour today, to make wheat free bread. I read somewhere that it can act similar to semolina flour. It's worth a try.

Emily said...

sounds like you found a really great health food store! i just visited one in my city that was just redone, and i was pretty impressed.

i've never seen quinoa pasta before, but i would definitely be interested in trying it.

Nicole, RD said...

Nice! I agree with Gina...I don't know that I've seen a veggie burger on a menu before. Hm. Maybe I just missed it.

Never seen quinoa pasta, but I would love to try it! I've turned my distaste for quinoa around and am enjoying it :) Baby steps, lol!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I love the idea of a veggie burger on a bagel! yum!
I didn't know they made quinoa pasta. I love quinoa so I am sure it tastes pretty delicious!

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