A while back my mom bought me some accessories for my Zoku pop maker.  With those came some pop mix.  I know we can and have made our own pops with juice and other things, but this seemed like a fun treat.
First off, it called for whole milk and cream, so we decided to stick with the directions.  This meant we actually had to go buy whole milk because that is something we never have in the house.  Even more difficult was finding it locally because we had to make sure it was whole milk and it was written in Portuguese.  Gordo means fat, so we assumed leite gordo was “fat milk” or milk with full fat.  Meio gordo is half fat…so we think!
We mixed it all together.
Then I used another fun tool my mom sent where you can measure out the amount and the cup is designed to pour without a mess into the pop maker.
Once we filled them up, it was time to let the instant freeze begin.
About 10-12 minutes later, we had creamsicles.
That was from weeks ago, and I am not sure why these pictures were still floating around, but they were, so I thought I would share.

More recent in my life are these pictures.  We both had off for Columbus Day, so we went to Angra and got some yummy sandwiches for lunch.  I like this place because you can get a baguette with a variety of spreads, and they will do half with one kind and half with another.  I had 1/2 with olive cream cheese and the other half with mushroom cream cheese, and then a bunch of other toppings on the sandwich.  I think I like the olive spread better.
 DSC07085 DSC07086

QUESTION:  What is your favorite kind of cream cheese or spread?


Satendra Rajput said...

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Gina; The Candid RD said...

I find it so strange that you guys had Columbus Day off, but we (in Columbus...) didn't!! ok, ok, I know Columbus Day isn't for Columbus, Ohio, but still!! :) Just complaining here.

The pops looks yummy. The gordo milk must have worked well. Favorite cream cheese spread? veggie with a smear of sundried tomato paste!

Simply Life said...

Oh those look DELICIOUS!

Unknown said...

I love lox cream cheese :) and veggie too! really any cream cheese, LOL...except LITE. HAHAHA!

Special K said...

Can I ask a question about you own a vitamix or a cuisinart? which one would you recommend for a splurge?

I LOVE putting frozen quark with bits of homemade "cookies" in popsicle form...I hope you have QUARK!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Yum! I love creamsicle pops! How fun that you guys made them from scratch!

Those sandwiches look delish! I like that you can do half and half. Sometimes I am too indecisive..that would make it so much easier.

Ameena said...

What an amazing little popsicle maker! You should see my sad little version from Target - it works but it's not so attractive.

I love full fat plain cream cheese. I rarely eat it so when I do I go all the way!

Nicole, RD said...

Holy moly those freeze fast! I need the instant freeze version of Popsicle makers because the wait is just unbearable!! :)

I love honey nut cream yummy!! :)

Rachel said...

hi Melinda! it's been a while, but nice to see your lovely creations. I think I missed the season for homemade creamsicles, since it is now deep into fall here in Boston. these look so yummy though. you're coming for FNCE right? yay, I just found out I'll be able to go.

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