The other Beira Mar

We went to a restaurant called Beira Mar 2 Friday’s ago, but that was in Angra, so this past Friday night, we went to the town of Sao Mateus and enjoyed an unrelated restaurant with the same name…Beira Mar.
This location is in a cute fishing village.  The main focus of the restaurant is fish.

I should mention this is not our first time here.  This was actually the first restaurant we ever ate at on this island.  The tour we received from the base upon our arrival took the group here as part of the tour.  But, we hadn’t been back since even though we really wanted to.  Last Friday seemed like the perfect night.
We started with cheese and bread.
Ryan had a grilled local fish, called cherne.
I had the boca negra, which is very common here.  I could tell they get a lot of new to the island Americans and other tourists because when I ordered this fish, the server asked me if I knew it came with the head and bones.  It was nice of him to warn me/ask, and I let him know I was aware.  I actually order this fish a lot and I am used to it by now.  This place keeps it intact, but splits it down the middle.  It was easier to eat this way.
It also came with a nice salad.
We really liked that restaurant.  I liked the food better at this Beira Mar.  The other restaurant is very good, but this place was really, really good.

The next day, as we were driving to the base, we spotted unusually large waves off the coast.  Hurricane Otto was headed this way, and so we have had some stormy weather.  The water here is calm all summer, but can get rough when the winds pick up.  I have never seen waves here the size of what we found on Saturday.  We saw them, and then thought we knew where they were breaking, so we headed to an industrial park.  We were right, and we were not the only people who really wanted to check these out.
It is hard to tell from the pictures, so I took some video too.
I had a second video, but I can't get it to upload, so maybe another time.

After that we decided a small meal was in order because it is never a good idea to go grocery shopping when you are hungry.  We stopped at a little cafe/bar on the way to the base.  Although it is super cute and a great location for hanging out and drinking, the food are all snacks, and not really anything spectacular.
My tosta quiejo was just like an American cheese grilled cheese.  I was glad it was not greasy, but I like the local cheeses better.
That about wraps up the first part of our 3 day weekend.  Actually, not much else exciting happened.  It was nice to have a few days off, even if I did do some work from home.
QUESTIONS:  What is the worst type of weather you get where you live?  Ever miss work for a weather related occurrence?


Rachel Lauren said...

Last years SNOWpocalypse was the worst we've gotten. Two blizzards right after one another. and I was stuck at home and got a week off from work!

That tosta quiejo looks like it was made in a dinky sandwich press thing they sell at target and other like stores.

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

That cheese looks amazing! yum!

As you know, Vegas weather isn't too bad most of the time. When it does rain, everyone tends to freak out a bit though. Kind of funny!

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