Delicious Dinners Out

Last weekend we went out on both Friday and Saturday night.  Once was to a restaurant we have been to before and then we also tried a new place.

Friday night we headed to Porto das Pipas.  There is a great view of Angra from here.
There is also a direct view of the new hotel they are building into the wall here.  The hotel will feature the lobby on the top floor and then all elevators will go down to the other floors, at least this is what I have heard.  I know many locals are not happy with this.  It is looking pretty bad right now, but I hope when it is finished it becomes a nice addition to the city.
See, the city is absolutely beautiful.
Then we headed in for dinner.  Cheese to start.
Olives, more cheese and that green stuff is an herb butter.
There is nice, warm, fresh bread too.
Ryan had the grilled wreckfish.
I had the shrimp and wreckfish kabob.  The server misunderstood my order and at first I was served a dish with cream sauce and bacon, which I really did not want, for obvious reasons.  While I was waiting for my food to be remade, I shared with Ryan and then was able to give him some of my wreckfish when it came.  In the end the meal was very good, but it did take some time.
On the way home we stopped at the bread boutique because we wanted some ice cream.  In fact, when we are on this side of the island, we like to stop for locally made ice cream, from the local cow’s milk. 

While getting the ice cream, I spotted this, and HAD to have it for later.
The chocolate inside is a dark chocolate, not sweet at all, and like pudding icing.  Oh was this good!
The next day we put midnight in the window and made her pose for pictures.  I think she is still mad she is on a portion controlled meal plan.
See, she is a little on the big size and can barely fit on the ledge.  But in all fairness, the ledge is small.
That night we headed to Bom Garfo, which literally means good fork.  The place was empty but we could see that most of the tables were reserved for a large party.
Bread to start off here too.
For dinner I had some fish, and I swear I can’t remember, and I am so tired right now, so I give up.
Ryan had the cod specialty of the house, which is just cod fish in olive oil under all those chick peas.
He also had salad with his dinner.
So, there you have our traditional Portuguese meals from last weekend.  I am still getting caught up on posts and reading blogs.  I have been working full time all week and I taught 2 nights from 12am-1am, and so I have been busy and tired, which is never a good combination.  I did make 2 meals during the week, so I am sticking with this goal.  I can’t wait to share all of my kitchen creations with all of you.  

Have a great weekend.

QUESTIONS:  What do you do when you get served the wrong order or something you don’t like?  Send back and order something else? Trade with some at the table?  Give up?  I have done it all!

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Gina; The Candid RD said...

Everything looks yummy!
I definitely send things back if it's wrong, unless it doesn't bother me a whole lot. Sometimes I just eat it anyways, but most times (like when they drench my salad in dressing) I wlll send it back! I'm not paying for something I don't want.

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