Before I tell you about a new restaurant we tried the other weekend, I have a few other pictures of some good island eats.

This is the best squid dish ever.  It is in a spicy tomato sauce with olives.  I actaully did not like squid until I tried this.
We also made a donut stop.
At the donut place we made our favorite breakfast sandwiches.  Since they do not really know how to do egg and cheese sandwiches, we order the egg and the cheese sandwich separate and then put them together.
It was tough to separate, but we managed.
Wow, can you believe the island got it’s first mall.  Here is there version of a shopping mall.
There is even an American store inside selling American foods.
This is the electronics store.
I thought this was hilarious.  They put Vegas stickers on a refrigerator.
Which brings me to a new restaurant that we tried.  I found this while driving around when my mom was in town, but we never got a chance to eat here.  It is called Ratatui…which is the Portuguese spelling for Ratatouille, like the Disney movie.
This is how I know it is from the Disney movie.  The menu was so cute.
We started off with bread.
Now this was neat.  It is vegetables, like cucumber and tomato, rolled in a piece of cheese with balsamic drizzle.
Ryan had the veal.  He was not very impressed with the dish.
I, on the other hand, enjoyed my veija, which is parrot fish in English.  It was served with veggies and a flaky pastry breadstick.
Dessert was a different story.  This was so good, and we both really enjoyed dessert here.  This is a chocolate cake.
This is a peanut caramel crunchy bowl filled with peanut butter mousse.
After the meal, when the brought the coffee, the server also brought out some muffins.  I was stuffed, but I still took a nibble of each, just to try them. 
Oh yes, coffee to end the meal.  I know some of you wonder about coffee after dinner, but it seems to have no effect on me.  It is common around here and dinners end late, but the locals still do espresso after dinner.  I just go with the flow and pretend I am a local, so I practice this custom too.
QUESTIONS:  Does caffeine effect you?  What is the cutest menu you have ever seen?


Astra Libris said...

Wow, I've never tried squid! You've now inspired me to do so! I love coffee after dinner also - I can have a cup of coffee and fall right asleep if necessary, although I know my ability to fall asleep through anything, even caffeine, is rather unusual! :-)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Adorable menu! The "cheese roll" looks great! I usually stay away from coffee in the afternoon/evening, but it's a really nice way to end a meal... :-)

chow and chatter said...

I am telling u for a remote Island they cook so well

Nicci said...

Yea, for mall shopping. Looks like a great restaraunt too.

Unknown said...

mmmm squid looks SO good!
I love caffeine! I have coffee every morning on the way to work (yawn). Not sure if it actually wakes me up or it's psychological, but it's tasty!
I do not think I have ever been anywhere with a cute menu (that I remember). But that little Disney rat is kinda cute, plus he's a good cook so he can hang with me any day!

Emily said...

hmm, i don't know if i would try squid, but you could probably talk me into that donut. :-)

caffeine doesn't affect me too much either. i like the idea of having it after a meal...that's a fun custom!

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