Eggs and some more goodies

I was really trying to figure out what i wanted to make using this greain blend from TJ's that my mom sent me. So, here is what I came up with...

I just think it looks so pretty with all the colors, shapes, and sizes. I would later learn that the same things that made it so attractive were also what gave it such a unique texture when cooked.

While at the commissary I noticed the fresh produce put out so I quickly snagged some nice veggies and fruits. One thing I bought was zucchini.

Instead of tofu for our protein, Ryan had mentioned eggs the night before and I thought this would be a great idea of this meal. Yes, that is black papper you see. I always put it in my eggs.
And here is my completed dinner. Eggs and zukes with some TJ grain mix on the side. Has anyone else tried this grain mix? The texture was, um, interesting. Not bad, just interesting. Obviously since I have more left I will be eating this again, but now I know what to expect.
I showed you the package from my mom, but I also got some goodies from my dad. This was also part of a Hanukah gift, but he told me to open it early because there was food inside. So here are some of the things from him. The first is vital wheatn gluten. I guess it may seem odd, but I can;t get it here and many of the bread machine recipes call for it, so I sent him hunting for it. I guess it is easy to find if you live in the states.
Berger cookies. Basically a cookie with a big, fat glob of chocolate on top. It's a childhood thing for me, reminds me of Shabbat dinner.
Some of the essential Jewish goods. That's right, I go boxed. My grandma did , so gosh darn it, so do it. It reminds me again of my childhood. So I will be making some soup and I did make some potato pancakes, but that will be on my next post.
Another classic dish that I did have sometimes for Shabbat dinner, but I have not had in many years is Kasha and bowties. So my dad sent me some to make. He even included the whole wheat bowties.
Last, but not least, movies and our fave movie candy. I love sour patch kids. Since I wanted some, ok they have them here, but they are always wet. Don't ask, it's a humidity thing I think. Now we have tons of movies to watch. Well, tons more movies to watch. We watch a lot of movies.
Sorry for such a short post, but I am busy with work and school and trying to stay on top of my grading. I am looking forward to winter break, as many of you are.
QUESTION: Do you ever eat eggs for dinner? What is your fave way to prepare eggs?


Beth said...

We actually had a pretty hard time finding vital wheat gluten in the States too--finally found the same brand you have at Whole Foods. I use it to make this recipe from King Arthur Flour I'm really loving their online repository of bread machine recipes! Have you tried any?

And Berger cookies! Ah Baltimore :-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I do have eggs for dinner, in fact quite often! I add egg whites to random dishes too, like burgers or soup (last night I added it to soup). I always liked egg drop soup as a kid, so that's where I got that idea. I also do scrambled eggs often, or omelets. Nick LOVES eggs. He basically requests them every night, no joke!

Astra Libris said...

I love eggs for dinner - especially with lots of black pepper, like yours! :-) Yum! Often, for dinner, I'll fix an omelet, slice the omelet into strips, and toss it with brown rice and sauteed veggies, all mixed together - unfried fried rice! :-)

The TJ's grain blend looks amazing! Thank you for telling us about it - I'm eager to try it out!

Happy almost-Chanukkah!! :-) Oh my goodness, I LOVED kasha and bowties as a kid!! I can't wait to hear more about your recipe! I remember Berger cookies, too! Such wonderful memories! :-)

Melissa said...

Love eggs for dinner and Sour Patch Kids!
Enjoy your movies!

Anonymous said...

LOVE kasha and bow ties!

Anonymous said...

I don't eat eggs often for dinner, but I definitely do enjoy the occasional breakfast for dinner. That grain variety looks pretty! My favorite way to eat eggs is fried eggs over easy. I also enjoy scrambled, but for some reason I feel like once you scramble eggs, the portion seems to become tiny!

Anonymous said...

I like eggs for dinner but can only eat them if the yolk is runny because otherwise they upset my gallstones (it's weird but there is actually a medical reason behind it according to some research I found). Anyway, I like over-easy eggs over "spicy" rice (brown rice with sesame oil, soy sauce, hot red pepper sauce, & sesame seeds). In the past (pre-gallstones), I would almost always have some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. They were such a convenient, fast source of protein...

Anonymous said...

That is so nice you got a package from the fam. I love making eggs for dinner. Usually I will do a veggie omelet with anything from spinach, peppers, mushrooms, and feta. So good!

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

i love the kosher goodies in here!! matzoh ball soup is AMAZING all year round not just passover!!! I love eggs for dinner I like making a baked frittta with veggies, cheese and grilled chicken thrown in there, I cook it then put it in the oven and let the cheese get all bubbly on top!!

Nicole, RD said...

Hey Melinda! That TJ's blend looks soooo hearty and delicious. Was it really filling? Looks like it! I had eggs for dinner tonight -- 1/2 of an Egg Beater omlet with Laughing Cow Light inside. Yum!! I wanted to crumble in some tofu but husband requested otherwise : )

Thanks for your PCOS comment. I didn't know much about it myself, it was good to research and put into storage for use at some point, I'm sure : ) Are you in a hospital for work? You said clinical so I assume that immediately, but I know there's lots of options. Technically, I'm clinical, but I would consider it community with a lot of clinical skills.

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