The weekend after...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday. I loved hearing about everyone's traffic jams. They suck, and even worse for a holiday weekend. Even in Vegas the traffic was terrible. It is obviously different here with cows being the main reason for anyone ever being late to get somewhere. There is a highway now on this island, but there really is no traffic from cars neding to get through. In fact, only the town of Angra has a few traffic lights. Everything else uses stop signs, or even worse, you can play Russian Roulette at an intersection (AKA no traffic signal, no sign, no nothin').

So, on to my weekend after Thanksgiving. I had a craving for some dip, so I made the sun dried tomato version from this pack.

After doing nothing but homework on Saturday we decided to continue the trend and not go out for dinner. So I made some Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burgers. I love to use this pan because it leaves grill lines on the burgers.
I guess I like those grill lines.
You can kinda see the lines here.

The finished product. Quick and easy and we got some protein for the night.

On one of our grocery trips this weekend to the local grocery store, Modelo, Ryan could not resist buying a product called Weetabix. Although I have had this before in Europe, this was new to Ryan and I think he enjoyed it yesterday when he tried it.

Sunday was devoted to a classic. If you remember, I mentioned before we are watching Oscar winning films, so we were up to Gone with the Wind. Neither of us had seen this before, so we went all out and ordered the new 70th year collectors edition. This movie is almost 4 hours so we turned on the heater, climbed on the couch, and grabbed a snack/dinner.
Bagel bites mini pizza make a quick easy snack. If I had planned in advance I would have made mini pita pizzas.

Here are some of the cool things inside the very, very heavy collector's edition box.

The movie was fantastic and well worth the 4 hour time investment.

This week I am subbing for middle school science. This is a m-w-f schedule this week so I can still do my work with the AVID program. For lunch on Monday I had these fine fruits. maybe too many fruits at once as I was soooooo full.

Monday afternoon I also opened some packages sent from my mom, who was forwarding some goodies I won.

First up is this amazing bag filled with larabars. I won these from Shannon at Tropical Eats . I am soooooo happy to have these here.

Yum, yum. Also got some Honest granola in here too.

Next up I also got some Nature's Path goodies from a giveaway I won from Julie at juliegolean . I was super excited to find out they included extra cereal boxes for me and my hubby since we are living abroad and don't have access to these goodies. As my mom can only fit so much in one box, she only sent some of the cereals and granola bars, so I have more on the way I should be getting soon.

I start class tonight, so I will have a full week. Lots of grading, subbing and going to school. I am looking forward to this class, so I am excited.
QUESTION: What's your favorite CLASSIC movie? Do you prefer comedy, action or romance flicks?


Melissa said...

Your comment on my blog made me giggle. It's amazing that we'll go on the computer that late huh? I hope you went to bed soon after :)

My favorite classic movie is Gone With The Wind and I have the same dvd you have! I generally prefer comedies though.

You really lucked out with that package of Larabars!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

You sure are the giveaway queen!! Man, so many amazing goodies. I'm jealous. Especially of those Larabars. Actually, I can't eat them anymore because the FODMAPS IBS diet says no dried fruit :( I've been giving my LArabars to Nick, who really loves them, and I'm super jealous.

I have never seen Gone with the Wind either. I'm not much of a classics movie watcher, although I LOVE Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music! I am more of a romance, comedy and mystery girl. I am also into science fiction (I'm a nerd, I know).

Anonymous said...

WOW.. look at all those goodies?!?! NICE.. congrats on winning.

My classic movie pick would have to be Wizard of OZ.. a theatre near us just reopened and plays only old school movies. Wizard was their first showing. It sold out! :)

Beth said...

NEVER SEEN GONE WITH THE WIND? I think it was required annual viewing in my house when I was a kid, along with Sound of Music and the Ten Commandments (ever year of Palm Sunday my mom sat us down and MADE us watch all 4 hours!)

I really enjoy old movies. I think I like the musicals and the romances the best.

Melissa said...

I looooove Gone With the Wind! I'd love to try wearing one of those dresses with a huge hoop skirt.

The Sound of Music is my favorite by far! I used to wish I was one of the Von Trapp children.

Lucky you...getting so many goodies in the mail! :)

Anonymous said...

I love nature's path cereals. Favorite classic movie: Has to be Grease.

And yes, I like shirataki noodles. I'll occasionally throw them into soups. And keep on teaching those need nutrition info. more than ever these days, with all of the junk food ads and ubiquitous fast food joints.

jenn said...

That was nice to get some foods you can't get where you live!

I haven't seen Gone with the Wind in forever! That's a good one.

There was a time a LONG time ago where my sister and I would rent old movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Some were really great like "I remember Momma." with Barbara Belgeddes and "Marty" with Earnest Borgnine. Two really great movies

Anonymous said...

It's always so awesome to get packages in the mail!! Especially when you won it (aka didn't have to pay for it! heheheh)

I can't say i'm a huge fan of classics, but the romantic ones tend to sustain my interest a little longer than all the other genres!! :)

Lele said...

I HAVE THE GONE WITH THE WIND COLLECTORS EDITION TOO! I basically have it memorized. Rhett Butler is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Wow you've been lucky with those wonderful giveaways!

I was not a fan of Gone with the Wind...the female character just rubbed me the wrong way. But I really loved "When Harry Meets Sally" and "It's a Wonderful Life". I suppose I prefer comedies. Sappy, romantic movies gross me out! lol.

Kelly said...

I am terrible with classic movies, but I'm happy to see WIzard of Oz counts because I do love that movie haha

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

wowwwww so jelly in the belly of your larabars!! they are so freakin cute!!

i love when harry met sally-great movie! love meg ryan in that movie

thats a crazy movie set, awesome!

have a great day!

Morgan said...

Wasn't Gone With the Wind just amazing? Worth the 4 hours for sure! The book is amazing too, one of my favorites ever!

Julie said...

yayyyy you got your cereal :) so glad to see it came!

that's a stellar bag of larabars you got there too! do i spy minis :) woo hoo!

have fun teaching this week!!

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