New Camera Randoms

I have taken about 50 or so pictures with the new camera and I have finally gotten them uploaded to my computer, meaning I have some new and very random pics to share.  I am still playing around with the settings, but here are some of my shots and some of the things we have been up to over the past few days.

Extreme close up!

Some very delicious strawberries...

4th night of Hanukkah

Look closely, it's a stand off...

Here is the first box of cereal I tried.  Very tasty!  Don't you just love my Kashi smiley face bowl?

Some books I ordered.  I loved looking through this at the health and wellness center here.  It is not a diet book, but rather a book to show the calories and fat levels in various fast foods and compares them with what has more or less.  I guess it is a tool to help you make informed decisions.  It is just really interesting to see what is in some of those restaurant meals.  Have you seen these books before?

This cute little guy came from my mom last year.  You squeeze the foot and he sings "dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay..."  So cute!

My friend Judy sent me and Ryan this card for the holidays this year.  I love it!

Ryan was on an egg kick for dinner, so I went along with it.

Ryan bought me this cool craft book for Hanukkah.  Lots of interesting things inside to make and to learn about wacky fads in this country over the years.

He also bought me a lemon zester in case I need it for any of my bread recipes.

I got a major craving for sweet potato, but Ryan was still on the egg kick, so we did both for dinner one night.

Then another night Ryan gave me these nice cashmere socks, gym pants and a sleep tank top.  In case you can't tell, I really love hot pink!

Another of those fresh yogurts from the island.  This was peach and passion fruit.  Really good.

And the last of my gifts so far from Ryan, which he gave me last night.  Awesome workout DVD's since I know so many of your talked about the 30 day shred, and I am behind on the times, so I asked for it for Hanukkah.  So psyched that I got all 3 videos.

So that is it for my random pics from the new camera.  I am super excited to have this camera and be able to use it to get awesome pictures. 

On to some not so happy news.  There was a major rain storm here the other night that struck the town of Agualva pretty hard.  This village is not that far from here.  There is a river near there and I guess it flooded.  Some people had mud piled into their homes, some people had their cars flipped upside down and then slid into houses, some houses had major structural damage and others had flooding so bad they were almost completely underwater on the first story.  These are all stories I have heard or from pictures I have seen.  What an awful time to be struck with disaster, just before the holidays.  Tomorrow morning Ryan and I have volunteered to help with clean up as they desperately need help cleaning up.  They have also been colecting donations as they are still without water there.  It was a pretty bad storm and the damage is clear.  This severe weather is apparently unusual for this area, but as this is just a small island in the ocean, anything is possible.  I think it reminds us that even the unexpected can happen.  Hopefully there are enough people helping out so that these families can get back on their feet and restore some normalcy to their lives.  I'll keep you posted on the clean up efforts.

QUESTION: Where have you volunteered this year? 


Unknown said...

i can't believe that cat is still alive!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dog pictures! Cute.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Wow, that's so awful. Good for you for helping out. I would hope Nick and I would do the same, if we could. Nick and I try to volunteer as much as we can. We do meals on wheels sometimes, and I do other things like donate money, wrap gifts and buy gifts for elderly and homeless, and tutor young children. Overall, we should and could do more.

Your home really is like a wellness center, haha. I have never thought of my home like that before, but it sort of is too! In a good way, of course.

Anonymous said...

I've lost my comment 2x...ugh!

So sorry about the rain, that's horrible news. :(

Your furbabies are adorable!!!

I have given money and donations lots this year, but no time spent volunteering. That makes me feel terrible, but it's a good reminder to give time.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

And I love pink, too! :)

Sorry about all the rain and the destruction it caused. But how great that you are volunteering. I hope it went well...

Julie said...

awww looks like your camera is taking some great shots! and looks like you got some really awesome gifts for the holiday! enjoy them girl :)

Mari said...

awwwwww I love your dog! tooo cute.

I have seen the Eat This Not That books and have thought about picking it up, is it worth it?

oh you are going to love Jil Jil's dvds, they are great

thank you for stopping by my blog =)

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