Jumbo Shrimp

Last night Ryan and I attempted to eat dinner at a restaurant called Sabores do Chef.  I guess we should have made a reservation weeks in advance since it seems the place was booked up for the whole night.  It looked like probably a Christmas party.  So we instead headed over the the beach in Praia da Vitoria and thought about our beach front options.  To try something new we opted for Mar a Mesa, where we have been to the downstairs bar area before and enjoyed a tosta mista sandwich.

Since we had about 15 minutes until the restaurant opened, we decided to hang at the bar and enjoy a cocktail.

I love the looks of this Super Bock tap.

This was my pretty drink.  I can't remember the last time I sat at a bar and had a cocktail, but it was nice.  Too bad the sun had gone down, otherwise we would have been able to look at the ocean.  I normally drink a Malibu baybreeze, but this guy couldn't make it, so I told him to make me a girly drink.  This is fruit juice with melon liquor frozen and blended on top.  I love the colors.

Ryan had a martini that was with orange flavored vodka and white chocolate.  This is the house specialty drink...I think.

Then we went up stairs to enjoy a nice European style dinner.  This is inside the restaurant.  They were decorated for the holidays.  During summer time this will be awesome since those glass doors slide open and the beach is right there.

As always, some nice olives to start.  These are in olive oil with garlic.

Some crab dip for the bread.

Nice rolls...

Could not resist a bottle of wine for one very good reason (ok 2 reasons...the bottle was the equivalent of $15)...

Practically my name!!!

Before the meal I took a look in their seafood display case.  They are a predominately seafood restaurant and they are on the beach, so yo would expect to find some crazy seafood here.  Look at the size of that shrimp.  And to think I thought jumbo shrimp was an oxymoron...Holy cow, look at that thing!

Some major sized crab legs too...

Another cute little crab guy.  I have seen these out in the ocean and by the shoreline. 

Then dinner was served.  I ordered a traditional dish of fish and shrimp served in a broth with rice.

Mine was really tasty.  Ryan ordered broiled cod and it was served with broccoli and potatoes.  It was good, but a little overcooked.  I find that common around here with the cod.  Oh, and it is always salted!

The perfect end to another lovely island meal.

Oh, and don't let me forget about the check presentation here.  How cute!

Friday nigth we staying in which is why Saturday night we hit the town.  Friday night was also the last night of Hanukkah, so here are the rest of my gifts from Ryan.

My current iPhone cover is tearing, so this is a new one, identical to my old one.

We spent most of Saturday playing around with this.  I love it.  So much fun and so old school.

Oh, and I totally have to show this picture to everyone.  I have discovered why the Portugeuse are not stuggling with obesity like Americans.  It comes down to price.  These American candies in a bag no bigger than what you might purchase to handout for Halloween costs 18.50 euro...That's like about $28.  That is insane and a rip off.  But it is hard for them to get American type products, so I guess they can charge what they like.  Sadly, I think people may pay that price, although many people on this island can't afford that luxury.  Now this was taken at a local store.  If I were to buy this on the base it would be much cheaper.

Lastly, I know I mentioned we were going to help with the clean up efforts.  We woke up early and headed over to meet others at the base only to find out it had been cancelled.  It is a long story, but there were some valid reasons for cancelling this.  To top it off, it started raining again, which I am sure is making clean up hard.  We think instead we will just donate cleaning supplies and hopefully some gifts for the children of Agualva so they do not have to miss out on Christmas this year.

QUESTION:  What is your favorite cocktail or alcoholic beverage?  We don't drink very often, but I like a Malibu baybreeze.  Tastes like juice to me so I have to be very careful.


Astra Libris said...

Wishing you a belated happy last night of Chanukkah! :-)

Your cocktail is SO gorgeous! Wow! It looks like a piece of modern art! :-) I don't drink cocktails too often either, but when I do, I am a huge fan of margaritas... ;-)

I love all the photos with your new camera! Gorgeous! Your puppy and kitty are SO adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Yum, all of that food looks amazing, and so do the drinks!
I'm a wine girl all the way, or vodka tonic. I can't handle drinks that are too sweet!
Oh, the Super Mario Bros. game is so much fun, we got it for Chanukah!

Beth said...

That looks like one great dinner!

I don't really drink a lot of mixed drinks, but I do drink A LOT of wine. White Wine, Red Wine, whatever wine, I'm okay with it!

Anonymous said...

I love your pretty "girly" drink! :) I usually don't order mixed drinks (mainly because I really don't know what to order...), but I do enjoy a glass of wine once in a while.

The restaurant looks great. I bet I would have loved your fish and shrip dish!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I am so jealous of all your fresh fish choices. Everything looks fantastic, and obviously FRESH!

Ryan's martini is one I would like, with white chocolate, although in all reality I don't like mixing sugar and vodka. I always get sick when I drink sugary alcohol drinks. I prefer the dirty martini :) Of course now that I'm on a low sodium diet, that's somewhat off limits, but I still enjoy them on occasion :)

Anonymous said...

That fish and shrimp dish looks super delicious! My dad made super jumbo shrimp scampi last night!

Unknown said...

Vodka Tonic here! or a John Daly...that's a "drunk" Arnold Palmer...you may like that too!!

OMG it snowed almost 2 feet yesterday...I know you don't miss MD this tine of year.

Love the ERmelinda vino! AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

I like Chianti. If I'm drinking hard liquor, I prefer a vodka gimlet or dirty martini.

Those shrimp look awesome! I love how they bring the check - so cute!

Mom on the Run said...

I love the look of that drink. I do love a good glass of wine, especially one from our local winery.

We are getting our girls that Wii Game for Christmas. I can't wait to play as a family.

Anonymous said...

that restaurant looks so snazzy! i love how the wine has your name in it :) I like appletini's and anything fruity too lol. We just bought some pomegranate wine.. I'm excited to try it! have a wonderful night!!!

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

all of the food looks AMAZING! I love seafood so this place would be awesome for me! favorite cocktail would have to be cosmopolitan (not the syrupy mix kind thought!) but I always love a good glass of pinot grigio or shiraz wine! love that the wine had your name on it haha

have a great night and sweet hannukah gifts!!

Emily said...

That restaurant looks amazing. Love the decor and the cool tap at the bar. The food sounds delish, and so funny that the wine was almost the same of your name!

I like cranberry vodka. :-)

Holly said...

If it's a "martini" then I like Cosmos, or Lemon Drop. But just give me a good dry champagne. With dinner a Cabernet or chianti is nice.

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