Why did the chicken cross the road?

Seriously? I'm still trying to figure this one out. I actually had to stop my car and wait because the chicken clearly needed to cross for some reason. And if you think that is bad, this morning it got even stranger when at 7:30 am I was driving to work to be approached head on by a duck waddling down the middle of the road. Honestly, this reminds me of this one...a duck walked into a bar... no really, he must have had a late night out partying because from where I was sitting he looked like he was unable to pass a field sobriety test. Good thing all the chickens did was watch...from the otherside of the road!!!

Yesterday Melissa from Cupcakes for Crunches asked if I liked doing my class in one week. So i thought I would tell you a little more about this. The answer is YES!!! I love it. I get my sylabbus a few weeks before. Then I can read my textbook and complete preclass assignments. The prof comes to the base here for one week, Tuesday-Friday from 6-9:30 pm and then Sat-Sun from 8am-4pm. Then there is about 3 weeks after the prof leaves to complete the end assignment. We have 3 courses offered onsite each semester. This term was Sept, Oct and Dec. I love it. Without even realizing it I almost have finished my 3rd class for my degree. I think this works better for grad classes than undergrad. It is like a combo of online and in class rolled into one. Like the best of both worlds. It is also nice because then we get a break from everything else and can socialize with people we may not see all the time, even though the base is small. I think the small size of the base also helps foster the family feeling and the cooking of meals for each other. It is a great opportunity that I am lucky to have.

If you remember I mentioned winning some goods from Julie that contained cereals and granola bars. Well, I have tried these two and this is what I think.

YUM!!!!!!!!!! Not kidding, this bar rocked.

I also tried this one while I was subbing and needed a quick snack.

Yummy too, although the first one was PB AND CHOC, so double yum!

On Friday I was subbing at the middle school so I was able to meet Ryan for lunch. Whenever we meet up it is usually at the buffet on base because it is almost always quick and easy and when in doubt, they have a salad bar. Friday (as it is many places) is fish/seafood day. Here are the options:
Crab cakes
Hush puppies
Salad bar
Here is my plate. Yes, I went overboard. I will admit much did go to waste. I am so bad when it comes to buffets. The spoonful is always to big and I always want a taste of everything. So, in the end, I ate only about 1/3-1/2 of what was on this plate. What's really funny (or just plain sad) is that when I lived in Vegas I taught a lecture on buffet eating to diabetic patients. Well, I guess I didn't over eat and did follow my guidelines by selecting a salad. I know these hush puppies are basically just fried fryness, and I do not know why I insist on picking on up. The shrimp were great, but hard work and messy.
Here is Ryan's lunch.
Last but not least for my eats, I found these in the commissary. I am so happy because I love these cookies. Ok, I really just like giner cookies in general.

QUESTION: When at a buffet (or dinner at a friends house that maybe buffet style) do you overload your plate to the point that you know you will never eat that much?
1) Morgan from Live, Love, Eat and Play is giving away some kitchen goodies (Chef's knife and kitchen scissors). Also, this is with her awesome post about her kosher kitchen. My grandparents kept a kosher kitchen so I know all about it, but if you do not have this experience you MUST read this great post.
Enjoy your weekend. I will be in class all day.


Nicole, RD said...

Hey Melinda!

Those crab cakes look SO good!! That's something I would go overboard on at a buffet -- all things seafood! I enjoy "real food" as I call it, over sweets. So I would probably go for all the dinner stuff over the desserts.

That's so nice you get to enjoy live and online classes -- I wish my classes were set up like that! But, glad to be done : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am taking a couple of on-line classes and one "hybrid" (on-line, lab-in-person) class. I like this alot. You definitely have to be self motivated and very disciplined, as you have to get the work done on your own. But as an adult, with family demands and a house to keep, it's a great option. The dietetics program I hope to do is a distance program through Eastern MIchigan University. It is a coordinated program, so the clinical part, is in person in your local area, but the course work is on-line. Since we are hoping to start a family soon, I think this is the only way I'll be able to manage it.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Hmmm...I have to say, I usually out very little on my plate! I'm really good at that. Now, when it comes to dessert, that's another story. I usually take one of each, and then only eat about half (of each). I figure food shouldn't go to waste, but if dessert goes to waste it's not as big a deal, you know? IT's just my WEAKNESS!

HAve a great weekend! Don't hit any dicks crossing the road ;)

Holly said...

At buffets I go for the food items I would not usually make at home or order at a sit-down restaurant. I love the crablegs & mongolian at Green Valley Ranch. I skip the "warm" items sitting in the steamers (you really don't know how long they have been out and if they are hot enough to keep food borne illness at bay). Oh, and a slice of prime rib. Try to pick out some nice sliced melon and then Ray & I split a few small desserts.

Beth said...

I amazed at how good that buffet looks! Yum!

I usually try to avoid buffet restaurants, because I'm not a person who eats a lot in one sitting--I usually just have many small meals throughout the day. So it just doesn't make sense for me to pay for a buffet. The one exception in the sushi buffet in the asian market near my office. For $10 you get sushi and miso! Even if I only eat 2 rolls worth of sushi, it's still a deal!

PS-You were part of the reason I was inspired to get a bread machine. It's here, and I'm trying my first bread today on this, our first snowy day of the year in Baltimore :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to always overload my plates. I have this problem where I like to sample everything, even if it's just a bite. However, this usually leads to a waste of food and overeating more than what I plan on. Now I'm more conscious and just try to stick to what I think I'll actually eat. Sometimes it's a success...sometimes it's not haha.

Julie said...

hey girl! you are busy busy busy! that salad bar looks absolutely delish! i probably would have brought my tupperware all old school college style haha and stocked it with the shrimpies!

that first choco pb bar looks SO good!! glad you're enjoying the goods

Anonymous said...

Buffets used to be really hard for me. The problem used to be that I didn't only put too much on my plate but also ate it all! I have gotten better though...

Melissa said...

I've been good with portion control at buffets. Then again, I've yet to go to a buffet that served good food so....
I'd be all over those hush puppies though!

Glad you got to eat lunch with your sweetie!

Melissa said...

Thanks for answering my question! :o) I think it would be cool to study a subject intensely for one week rather than half-assing it for a semester.

I've really been trying to listen to my body and stop eating when I'm feeling full, even if that means passing on a second helping of good food. I feel sad for missing out but I feel MUCH better later when I'm not overly full.

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