Happy Hanukah, well almost...

On Thursday I went over to the American school to talk to a sixth grade class about Judaism since they have been studying world religions. There are only a handful of Jewish people here at this base, so the teacher was looking for someone to share information on the Jewish religion and culture. Since I work at the school already and the vice principal knew I was Jewish, she thought I might be interested in this opportunity. Since Hanukah was fast approaching I decided to not only talk about some of my favorite holidays, share some of my wedding photos (like of our ketubah and the chuppah) and share some of the things I keep in my home, I decided to make them a traditional Hanukah dish called Latkes, AKA potato pancakes. So here are the photos from my massive project as I made 3 batches of these tasty fried treats. I even had 2 pans going at once to accomodate the large quantity.

Not gonna lie...I use the box mix.

Ya gotta let it thicken!

I always go through so many paper towels when I am frying these.

Nice golden color.

So here was my finished product for the 6th graders. I also brought them apple sauce and sour cream as these are the 2 traditional topppings that these are served with. I personally do apple sauce, but just in case I also let them try these with sour cream.
The kids loved them and I think they really learned a lot about this religion. They asked great questions, like about bar and bat mitzvahs and matzo ball soup. I brought my menorah and candles with me and some stuff for Passover. It was a lot of fun being able to share with them.

So tonight will start Hanukah and as the week goes on I will have more pictures for you, my menorah and some gifts and things. We also have the Holiday party for Ryan's work tonight so there may be some photos from that too.
QUESTION: Have you ever tried a latke? If so, do you like your with apple sauce or sour cream?


Beth said...

I have had latkes, and I think they're very good. And why not have them with sour cream AND applesauce :-)

Happy Hanukah, Melinda!

Beth said...

It is SO COLD here! The temperature on our back patio is reading at 25--and that's downtown 10 blocks from the water! Glad I'm off today so I don't have to go out for a while!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I LOVE latkes!!! I used to eat them at my friend's house, and I prefer them with apple sauce. They are also good with sour cream, or both combined! But I have to say, ketchup is also a nice product to dip them in, ketchup always goes well with fried food!

Happy Friday :)

Anonymous said...

I love latkes with sour cream. But applesauce is good too. And I just read Gina's comment, and I have to agree, ketchup goes so nicely with everything! Well, almost everything... :)

Happy Hanukah!

Anonymous said...

Ive actually never had a latkes.. they look great, though! I bet they smell really yummy.

Anonymous said...

I love latkes, however I have yet to make them myself. There was an article on the NY Times site yesterday about potato latkes that I thought you might find interesting

Unknown said...

APPLE SAUCE BABY!! Have a happy "8 crazy nights"

Melissa said...

Food was a great idea to bring to make sure that the kids would pay attention.

I've never tried a latke, but I'm guessing I'd go for the apple sauce version.

Simply Life said...

Oh my! I'm sure those students loved that!! I've never tried a latke but now I want to! :)

Nicole, RD said...

Those. latkes. look. amazing!

I choose sour cream on mine! Major yum!

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