Applesauce + Bread= YUM

Today was my day to bring in food for my grad class on base.  I flipped through my many bread machine cookbooks and found this recipe and thought this would be a great bread to try out.  I made this yesterday because there was no possible way I was going to be ale to make it before class this morning.
So i picked up some applesauce, and I made sure it was the kind with no added sugar.  Fruit provides great sweetness on it's own so there is no need to add more.
But it just seemed like so much applesauce for a loaf of bread.  Hey, I just follow the recipes.
Ok, it's ready to go in the bread machine.
In just 3 hrs and 25 minutes I will have some fresh bread to bring to my class.
Oh no!  This was the stickiest looking dough I have ever seen.  The recipe did have a notice on it that the applesauce creates lots of moisture so watch the consistency.  But I really didn't think it was going to be that crazy.  I ended up adding extra flour to try and make it manageable.
Boy was I glad when I opened up the bread machine to find this nicely colored bread, which also thankfully resembled a loaf of bread.
I love the nice color of the crust.
I did bring this in to share with my class.  Here is after someone sliced into it.  Everyone (I think) liked it, including my prof.  I personally thought it tasted great, but maybe I am just biased.  No, I think it really was good.
This is the table of goodies.  Sorta hard to tell, but I brought in bagels, PB, jelly, cream cheese in various varieties, dried fruit, and my food buddy for the day brought in puddings, jellos, homemade salsa, cookies and crackers.  We had a ncie variety.  It is always funny when the two nutrition professionals (my food buddy for the day is the nutrition professional on base at the health and wellness center) sign up to bring food in on the same day.  I think we try to bring things that everyone will enjoy.  This food I will point out will need to last us from 9am-4:40 when class ended.  It did, and there was even leftovers.  Better to have too much than too little.
Oh, and someone else brought in the leftover brownies from her house.
Right now we are prepping for from scratch weekends.  Since I am in school all weekend Ryan has picked out the recipes and started the prepping himself.  He has a great meal planned, so stay tuned.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever had or heard of applesauce bread.  What is your favorite fruited bread?


Nicci said...

I love banana bread and just tried strawberry bread this week. I will have to try apple sauce bread with my Mom's bread maker. I have jars of apple sauce starring at me, I need to use.

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

Ive def heard of using applesauce in bread/muffins to replace some oil... I bet this is delicious and incredibly moist! I want a bread machine!!!! Great recipe ;)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

This looks fantastic. I love when you make bread. I have actually heard of applesauce bread, but I've never tried it. As for my favorite, I have to agree with Nicci above and say banana break ROCKS!

Sook said...

Oh I've never tried making bread with applesauce! Sounds interesting. I will have to try it sometime.

Nicole, RD said...

YUM! Sounds delicious and looks wonderful, too! I've never heard of or made applesauce bread but I sure want to now!

Hope you're having a good weekend, Melinda!

Shannon said...

That sounds delicious! I've never heard of applesauce bread.

Can't wait to see your next from-scratch creation!

Unknown said...

yes, i think i have had applesauce bread! i am not a fan of fruit in things like desserts and i guess the would have to be my favorite.

BTW - We made coleslaw from scratch lat night, after digging my car out of 2ft of snow :(

Julie said...

it's so big!! i love how one piece would end up bring a huge honkin one :) it would prob make such great french toast too!

Emily said...

That bread looks so good! I have a bread machine but hardly ever use it. Maybe I should dust it off... :-)

That is such a long class. I have a hard time sitting in classes all day. Makes me so antsy!

Mari said...

I am always so impressed by your bread and a little jealous because I usually want some lol

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I have never heard of applesauce bread. I love how creative you get with your breads...

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