My goodies

I am so excited that I finally received a package from my sister.  She had gathered up some yummy goodies.  The box still had some room so my mom added a few things and shipped them off to me.
These are some delicious looking bars from my sister.
These are some of the goods, but there are many more varieties and brands.  I am so excited to finally be able to try the peanut butter and jelly larabar.  Ryan ate his already and said it was tasty.  This Clif Mojo looks really super tasty too.
My next treat was more pumpkin pancake and waffle mix.  My mom saw when I wrote on my blog that we used the last of ours, so she picked up more and sent it.  Thanks mom!
These goodies came from my nextdoor neighbor.  They have chickens again, so they must be using more eggs.  When he dropped these off he told me they are made from flour, sugar and eggs.  They seem to be lightly fried, like a doughnut or funnel cake, but not as heavy.  the whole inside was hollow.
Here it looks like a doughnut.
From this angle you can really see there is a puff of air inside.  We liked them!
My last special treat was a variation on our favorite drink from a restaurant back in Vegas.  The drink was known as the Big Blue and was loaded with rum and fruit juices.  Ryan recreated this for me to enjoy while watching the superbowl.
Gotta love the color.  This was almost identical to the real think.  Actually, we often like our versions better.
QUESTION: What was your favorite treat or indulgence from the Super Bowl?  What goodies have you gotten this week?


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You got some yummy goodies! :) The treats from your neighbors look good. And I LOVE the color of the drink. I love colorful drinks! :)

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

Your sister and neighbor rock.. awesome goodies!!

I didnt watch the Superbowl BUT i sat on the couch read and watched Iron Chef with a massive bowl of popcorn and some dark chocolate, so I guess that was my fav treat! lol

Unknown said...

during the superbowl we made avocado and corn salsa - yummo!! but i guess the mint milano cookies were the indulgence :) GOODIES?? all i got this week was SNOW!!

Rachel Lauren said...

Damn right I rock! Haha the pb j mojo bar Is also awesome! Mmm lemme know when you Try the pb j larabar! That's my fav.

More snow! It's snowing hard tonight! :(

sophia said...

Wow Melinda...what a great package!! Your family sure knows you!

MelissaNibbles said...

That's my kind of goodie bag!

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Simply Life said...

yum! that pumpkin mix looks great!

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