My first visitor

Wow, I am finally able to get some pictures up and share some of the fun I had with my friend Marie, who was my first visitor here on the island.  The main time to come is anytime but winter, but her birthday was Sunday, so it was a great excuse to get away.

She managed to beat the storm in the States to get here, but her luggage was lost for a day.  Not so much lost, just not here.  We did get it back the next day, so no big deal.  Oh, and if you are wondering about my car, and thank you so much for all of yoru concern, and not laughing too hard, well, the car is all better.  The mechanic got a good laugh out of it, had a little talk with me, and it was towed and fixed, not problem.  Ok, the bill was about the only thing that was a problem, but it wasn't as costly as I had feared it might be.

So, now that Marie is headed home and I am getting back into my routine, I have tons of pictures to share.  This was day one, getting settled and looking around Praia.  We ate lunch at the little soup and salad place in town.  I think we both look a little rattled after spending A LOT of time dealing with the airline and the luggage problem.
We split a heaping plate of various salads.  The paste salad had tuna in it, there was a bean salad, also potato salad, and last was an apple and cabbage salad.
Then we also split a veggie panini.  Yep, too much food, but it was so good.
We walked around the stores and checked out souvenirs, and then walked through the small park.
I love this little tree.
Ryan joined us for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  If you read my blog often you will know it was this place and even this meal that led to our from scratch weekends and tortellini making adventure.  As always, great rbead.
Marie ordered a seafood pasta in cream sauce.  She said it was fantastic.  I tried it a few days later and it was still good.
I couldn't resist ordering my usual veggie primavera pasta.
Ryan went guessed it...the tortellini!
Um yeah we did!  Chocolate cake for dessert.
Well, that was it for her first day here.  Plenty more photos to come.  I have great shots of the Angra park which is much bigger than the one located here in Praia.

QUESTION:  Is there a dish at a restaurant that you can't help but order it every time you go there?


Unknown said...

aww looks like FUN!!! We wish visiting you was in the cards this year...but I think my car is on it's last leg :(

I tend to get the same thing most places I go...matt makes fun of me, but to me, that's the point of going to "that place." LOL!

MelissaNibbles said...

The creamy pasta is calling out to me!! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Even though my mom makes great italian food, she doesn't make pesto. Whenever I eat Italian out, I always like to order some type of pasta with pesto.
Looks like you had a great time!!

Mari said...

I am so happy that you had a great time with your friend =)

All the eats look amazing! I love love love italian food and I wanted to dive into those pictures lol

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Looks like a wonderful time! :)

I order gnocchi whenever they are on a menu. I also have a hard time passing up some creme brulee... :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Well if the restaurants always offered plates of olives, I would get them! They don't do that here though :( I guess for me it's always a good beer, does that count? I love good beers before I eat, it sort of stimulates my appetite and starts the meal off right!
I'm glad you had fun with your first visitor, despite the luggage problems. The food looks fantastic, especially that chocolate cake. That's another thing I usually can't say no to, on special occasions.
Also, happy to hear your car survived! Have a nice day Melinda.

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