They're Baaaaack!

I let the dog out the other day and I noticed the gate at the bottom of the driveway was open.  This was odd since Ryan closed it when he went to work.  So I quickly scanned my brain for logical reasons, and soon enough I thought the landlord must have dropped by.  Well, that was right, he did, and he brought back our 4 cows.  These are indeed the same 4 cows that were with us before, excpet they were only a few weeks old at that time.  Since they ate all of the grass, he moved them to another field and now that our grass has grown back, the babys are back to feast again.  So here you have it...grass-fed cows, which will be sold as local beef.

I am still busy with work and school and then the other work this week, so this is a short post.  I wanted to show you the nice meal one of my classmates prepared for us.  Actually, there were 2 people signed up to bring food that night.  The one lady who made the pasta had made a dish with sausage, but then also made a pasta bake with eggplant and mushrooms.  It was great and really thoughtful.  There was also a nice salad and garlic bread.
My time for food is Saturday and I bought bagels, cream cheese, all natural PB, jelly, dried fruit, and I am making an applesauce loaf (currently in the rbead machine).  I wanted to buy fresh fruit, but some very moldy as they were leftover from last week.  Now that the new shipment is in, another classmate withh grab more fruit.

FUN(NY) FACT:  We will be able to watch the super bowl here...but it starts at 10:30 and the tailgate party will start at 9pm.  I remember it always felt like it ran late when I was on the east coast, so imagine how late it will fun now.  No worries, what a coincidence, no work on Monday.  This also means I have 2 3-day weekends in a row!

QUESTIONS: If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?  What should I make next month for my class?  I can do a night meal, or Sat/Sun meal.

For those of you expecting a storm, stay safe and warm.


MelissaNibbles said...

MOOO! I love cows. I think they're cute. I'd probably die of happiness if one showed up in my driveway. I'd try to ride it like a horse. I'm a jerk that way :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Love the photo of the cows!!!

The dinner looks really good. School is so much better when there is food! :)

Enjoy your long weekend!

Rachel Lauren said...

Micro pig!!! They are so cute. I want one!!

Anonymous said...

Those cows are so cute. A lot of the reason why I try to avoid eating meat.
Enjoy your long weekend and the super bowl!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Aw, must be nice to look outside of your home and see cows everyday! At my parents' house, whenever I would take walks I'd see a bunch of cute little cows grazing on the grass up the street from me.

Mari said...

I always wanted a monkey! and a cheetah OHH and an elephant! lol

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

SOOO growing up I never had a pet (well just a turtle) and even now, I dont want one. lol I dont know what my deal is, its just not something that appeals to me. BUTTTTTT if I had to choose, prob a cute lil puppy (that doesnt bark or go potty).

Enjoy the superbowl!! ;)

Beth said...

I want a dog. We have kitties, but I want a dog! Another Australian Shepherd! She would take care of your cows ;-)

Two years ago I was in London for the Superbowl. Kickoff was at 12.30 am and they kept streaming the rules across the bottom of the screen. Too funny.

Unknown said...

OMG I have a roomba and thats about as close to a pet as I want to get. Matt is allergic :P

make eggplant parm - nom nom nom.

PS - it's snowing!

sophia said...

I would like...a cow. Because they produce SO much different things, and you can seriously use every part of their body even after they are dead! I only wish they laid eggs as well...

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I can't believe you have cows!! So you will sell them, and get money for them? How did you end up owning them in the first place?? I must saw, I would LOVE a cow as a pet...haha, jk. I want a dog so bad. We don't have the room right now, but soon we will, and a yard is important too obviously.

For next week you could bring stuff for veggie fajitas. Maybe just some shells and vegetables, and maybe even some crispy tofu :) mmm, I would eat it!

Have a nice weekend Melinda. Good luck with the cows!

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