Pretty Sweet Day

If you are not familiar with a drive by sweeting...this is what it looks like...
On Marie's second day we did a drive around the south east side of the island, but we started off by pulling in to the ceramic factory to look around at their pieces.  While in the parking lot a man drove up (they do this with bread delivery too) and offered us sweets from the back of his truck.  If I was in the states I would have no doubt screamed and ran the other way.  I mean really, don't old men offer kids candy and sweets to kidnap them.  In all seriousness, this is not unusual, and Marie was familiar with this from Mozambique (where she did the Peace Corp) so we were all about looking over his goods.  Here are some close ups.
This was what we finally bought.  The first one is actuall the same as the picture above, and no, I do not know what that yellow creme filling is supposed to be.  The other two pastries had apple inside and we so delicious.
And as if that were not enough...we stopped by my fave bakery when we were in Angra later that day.
Marie tried the Dona Amelia, which is the special sweet of the island...
while I went for a perfect ball of chocolate rolled in sprinkles (no, these are not Jimmies!!!).
Then we burned some of those sweets off by walking around the park in Angra.  I took some pictures of some of my favorite plants.
Reminds me of a swan.
For dinner we headed to Os Moinhos in Sao Sebastian.  This is the restaurant that is in an old water mill.  Must have been a good night to go out because there were other people in the restaurant when we got there, usually it is empty.  Plus, everyone there was American, so I found that really interesting too since this is a traditional Azorean restaurant.  Yes, the food it very good.
Thank goodness I was able tyo sit right next to this since they have no heat in this building.
This healped warm us up too.
I ordered the red snapper and shrimp kabobs, which would have been good if they didn't have bacon chunks on them too.  I did not know that when I ordered it.  I usually ask, but the server knows us and knows I do not eat meat, but I guess this still wound up with bacon on it, so I traded with Marie.
Shrimp close up!
Marie ordered the technically this was my dinner.  That is garlic on top.
Ryan ordered the wreckfish, which is a popular fish around here. 
Oh, and here was my sweet end to my sweet day.
QUESTIONS:  Any bakery delivery services where you live?  Do you have a local park nearby to stroll around in?


Morgan said...

Drive by sweets! I LOVE IT!
Your island looks so amazing, I want to come visit!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

What a sweet day indeed! :) No drive by bakeries around here...

I love the photos of the park - beautiful!

MelissaNibbles said...

Yummy day! The shrimp looks delicious.
You got quite a few great pics!

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Hi Melinda: It looks like it was a fun, and delicious, trip!

- David

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eatingRD said...

oh my gosh, drive by sweets!! I would have run the other way too lol Looks so wonderful there :)

Mari said...

OMG I would move out there just for that! YUMS

Astra Libris said...

Your photos are gorgeous - the flora is so lush! I love the idea of a drive-by bakery!! :-)

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I wish I had a bakery delivery service! Fresh bread on the daily would be nice. I also wish men in trucks who sold breads and sweets was standard in America and not pedophilish!

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