Anniversary Dinner

Monday night, for our anniversary dinner, we tried to go here for dinner:
Too bad they were closed.  We probably should have called before we drove all the way there.  Good thing the Via Rapida (AKA the highway) is finished and getting back to Praia from Angra took no time at all.

We decided that if we could not eat at the whale restaurant, that Clube de Oficiais (AKA Jorges) was just as good.  I know this picture doesn't look like much, but this is the backside of the restaurant.  You park in back and walk around front.
This is why you can't park in front.
It is a semi-circular building with windows all around, perched up on a hill, over looking the ocean.
This is a nother picture from the front.
Bread, of course.
Cheese, too.
Here was my view from our table.  Almost like you are on a cruise ship.  It's really beautiful and added to our special evening.
How cute is the oil and vinegar for the salad dressing?
This is a traditional Portuguese restaurant.  Ryan ordered the steak.  He said it was really good.
I ordered the breaded hake.  I had this the last time and it was really good, so I ordered it again.  It comes with salad and boiled potatoes.
We did enjoy some wine, but I did not get any pictures of this.  We wanted dessert, but they were out of almost everything.  So, just a coffee to finish.
A great end to a great meal and a great day and a great year!

If you missed my post with our wedding photos, check it out HERE.

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite appetizer/way to start a meal?  What is your favorite dessert/way to end a meal?


Beth said...

Is Gallo a wine in Portugal? It's the local beer in Guatemala!

Unknown said...

yummy cheese! that's a good way to start and end a meal. sorry that place was closed, i can just see your faces!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The cheese looks delicious as always! Looks like a lovely anniversary dinner! :)

Favorite way to start a meal? Salad.
Favorite way to end a meal? A small piece of dark chocolate.

Sook said...

Favorite dessert to end a meal: Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake!! :) I rarely get to do that though. :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! If there is anything goat cheese I am all over it as an appetizer. One of my favorites is baked goat cheese on top of proscuitto (I know you wouldn't eat this!) and then drizzled with arugala and glazed balsamic dressing - yum!

And there is a place in Oak Park (outside of Chicago) that brings each person their own french press when you order coffee - it even has a timer on it which lets you know when its ready to pour - love ending a great meal with a great cup of coffee!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great dinner!

I don't always get dessert but that is the best way to finish off a meal! Anything chocolate is always good to me!

Mari said...

Why does the cheese always look better in that country lol? that steak looks amazing! I have been craving Meat like crazy! this vegetarian thing is getting harder lol...and it doesn't help that all I smell is bbq when I walk around...damn the warm weather lol

Happy Anniversary!

Simply Life said...

happy anniversary!!!

MelissaNibbles said...

Stinks that the other place was close, but it looks like you still had a great dinner. Happy Anniversary!

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