Celebration Dinner

Friday was a very special occassion.  Therefore, it called for a special evening out.  On Friday we were celebrating Ryan's promotion.  Along with that, Monday is our 1 year anniversary.  It was a very special weekend and one that deserved lots of fun activities.  Don't worry, I have pictures and posts to come over the next week that will display all of the good times.
Friday night we went to Sabores do Chef, which happens to be the first off base restaurant we ate at once we arrived here.  Ryan's birthday was just a few days after we arrived, and this was so close to the base, that we selected this restaurant.  It has been a favorite ever since.  It is one of those places that is on the pricey side, but you can also manage to have a nice dinner there without going overboard.  The entrees range from about 11 euro to 21 euro ($16-31).  The appetizer charges can add up quickly so you always have to pay attention and send anything you don't want back to the kitchen.  Luckily, on Friday, they did not bring us any sausage because we always send that back.

The first few pictures are of thos appetizers I was mentioning.  Here is the bread:
This is goat cheese and a sweet jam.  It is really good when combined and eaten on the bread.
The bread also comes with herbed butter.
Since we were celebrating, we definitely wanted a nice bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal.  We took the suggestion from the waiter (the same waiter that helped us months ago on Ryan's birthday).  This was a really good wine from the south of Portugal.
You can see behind my glass of wine that we had a window table.
Ryan ordered the special of the day, which was grilled wreckfish.  This is very similar to the dish we usually order.
Both of our entrees were served with a side salad.  It was nice because it had a light dressing already on it.  Usually salad here is dry, and the only option is oil and vinegar.  Sometimes it is nice to get a different flavor with the salad.
Then, I splurged on dinner.  I ordered the lobster.  Look at their preparation.  This tail was cut in half and then grilled.  The butter was then drizzled (generously!) on top.
This was the BEST lobster I have ever eaten.  I can't stop talking about this lobster even a few days later.
The lobster was served with basmati rice, steamed veggies, and a side of french fries/chips.
We were stuffed after the meal, so no dessert, but we did finish with some coffee drinks.
It was a great dinner out to celebrate a lot of good things going on right now.  Congratulations Ryan!

QUESTION:  How do you like to celebrate special occasions.


Beth said...

Congratulations to Ryan and to you guys on the anniversary!

We're really bad at celebrating. I do try to take trips for big things, but as far as going out...I'm just bad at it.

Unknown said...

can't believe the year flew by! mazel tov :) we like to celebrate special occasions w/ food...although we also like to celebrate the average Tuesday w/ food :)

PS - this weekend we made cous-cous salad, potato salad and cole slaw for 70! we helped cater megan and derek's engagement party :) that counts, right?

Emily said...

Congrats to Ryan and happy anniversary! looks like you enjoyed a great meal.

I like to celebrate special occasions or accomplishments by buying myself rewards (I know that's cheesy and expensive). I bought myself an Urban Outfitters dress after finishing my first semester of the internship with a 4.0. :-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Congrats on one year!!! Nick and I have a four year (dating anniversary) coming up in May. We will celebrate similar to you guys, but going to a nice restaurant. although lately we have been celebrating by making nice meals at home, like LOBSTER and steak! however, I'd be willing to bet your lobster was much better than any we can get here in Ohio!!!

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