Pizza Party, From Scratch

I know that 2 weekends ago we did not get to make a from scratch meal, but there was so much going on.  That was Ryan's promotion and our anniversary, so we went out to celebrate a lot.  But this past weekend, we were back on track.  

In a previous from scratch weekends meal, we made black bean burgers with a mango salsa.  Up until that point, Ryan did not know that he really liked mango.  Like, really, really, likes it.  He has been talking about this salsa ever since we first made it.  So, we thought it might be nice on a pizza.  Oh yes, you heard me right, on a pizza.

First up was the dough.  We made this the night before to give it some time to rise.
Of course I used the bread machine.

Then it was time for the mango salsa.
Nicely peeled mangoes ready for dicing.
I diced up some peppers to add to Ryan's mango.

There is also a chili pepper, ginger, red onion and lime juice here.
Tossed up nicely.  It is so colorful.
Actually, we decided to make two pizzas.  Since this is a from scratch meal, we made some tomato sauce on our own too.  

But, without using canned tomatoes or tomato paste, it comes out pink.  So pink that it looks like a strawberry smoothie.
Here is Ryan tossing the pizza dough.  He's a professional!
So professional that we even have a pizza peel.
We cook our dough a little first before putting toppings on.  We finally got a chance to use the new pizza stone.
The first pizza we did was the standard tomato and cheese.

I will admit that shredding mozzarella was not really possible.  You just can't find fresh stuff like in the States.  There was a block of mozzarella, but it didn't look as good as the pre-shredded stuff, so oh well.
Next up was the mango salsa pizza.  We did this as a white pizza.
If you like pineapple pizza, which is my favorite, then you would love this.

Cooking nicely.
Pizza #1
Pizza #2
Here is our fancy pizza spread.
Look at that yummy pizza.
This was so good, I really recommend giving it a try.
After that we quickly jumped up and headed to Angra for a crazy bull fight in the arena.  I will get pictures up from this fight and the one we wound up at on Saturday night too.  The arena fight was really on Saturday, but was postponed to Sunday.

QUESTIONS:  Do you make your own pizzas at home or do you prefer take out?  Frozen?  Plain cheese or fancy?  Do you like fruit on your pizza?


MelissaNibbles said...

Looks delicious! We have pizza every Friday, but sadly ours are frozen pizzas. We are lazy cooks by the time Friday night rolls around :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Awesome pizza! Looks perfect! I would have never thought of using mango on a pizza; I'll have to try it! I haven't made pizza dough in quite some time... I'll have to put it on "the list!" :)

Beth said...

We love homemade pizza! I actually make it quite a lot--I have an awesome overnight whole wheat crust I can't wait to share! I will admit, sometimes we have Amy's frozen though!

sophia said...

Mmmm! Can't beat fresh pizza from scratch! I WILL make it one day. My own pizza!

I love fruit on pizza, but in a savory way, like pear and gorgonzola, or figs and brie.

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I love mango salsa. My local Qdoba actually just started making this. I bet it'd be great on pizza!

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