Quinoa Concoction

I work from home for part of my day.  Sometimes I just get an urge to cook something, even though it is technically the middle of my work day.  I guess that is the benefit to a flexible schedule.  Since I am not usually one to get an urge to cook something, I went with it.  I knew I had some food set to expire/go bad, so I started there.

Actually, the only thing not ready to go bad was this quinoa.  I was planning on tofu and veggies, but I wanted a grain to go with it.  What better grain than quinoa.  If you are looking for something that packs a nutrition punch from the grain family, make this your pick. 
DSC02581 First things first, I had to prep my tofu.
I marinated this in balsamic vinegar and a little green olive mustard.
I really love my Lock and Lock containers.  I know there are many brands around now, but I have been using these for years.  I put my lid on and lock in place, then I am ready to toss my tofu and coat it with my marinade.
Looking good so far!
Next up were the veggies.


I also have some red pepper underneath all of these other veggies.

I sautéed them in a little olive oil and then later added some balsamic.
Once all of this was taken care of, I started on my quinoa. 
It only takes 10-15 minutes to cook.

I baked my tofu in the oven, so here it is finished and ready to go.
Time to mix it all together.
I enjoyed this dish hot, but it will also be delicious served as a cold quinoa salad.

I had tons left over, so Ryan and I ate some as leftovers.  He liked it too!

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite grain?  Have you ever tried quinoa? What is your favorite way to prepare quinoa?

Happy Memorial Day!!!  I hope everyone has a great day off and enjoys some time with family and friends.


sophia said...

Can't say I adore quinoa, but that's just because I think I prepared them wrong. They had this odd fishy smell to it that turned me off. The last time I had it, though, it was used as a crust for avocado, then DEEP-FRIED. Can you imagine how WONDERFUL it was?! :-)

Beth said...

Oh that salad looks good! I love a good cold quinoa salad.

Happy Memorial Day to you too Melinda! We're jamming here today. I'm a little scared, but hopefully it will turn out okay!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Yum,even though I hate tofu, this looks good! I guess I'd make this with tempeh, and in fact I DO make a similar dish (with the exact same quinoa of course). My favorite grain, not that I can't eat wheat, is quinoa. I make a large batch of it every week and eat it thoughout the week. It's marvelous.

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I just had leftover cold quinoa for breakfast! It had mushrooms, scallions, chick peas, kidney beans, and some spices, and then I threw some baked tofu on top. More like dinner for breakfast, but it was good!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love quinoa. I often make it with roasted veggies and change the flavor of the dish with the dressing I add (sometimes with semsame oil, sometimes with lemon oil, etc.). And you are right, it tastes great warm or cold. I love having some in the fridge for lunch. I recently made red quinoa for the first time, and I really loved the color of the dish.

Nicole, RD said...

This looks great, Melinda! I wish I liked quinoa more, but I'm just not a fan :( I think farro is my favorite grain right now...it is so nutty and rich in flavor!

Happy Memorial Day!

eatingRD said...

I'm a big fan of quinoa and like to stuff it in things like bell peppers and kabocha squash. It works well for stuffing :) I also really like farro recently. Your salad looks tasty for summer!

Rachel Lauren said...

I love making quinoa salads for potlucks and neighborhood parties. so easy to throw together.

Sophia, do you rinse yours first? unless the packaging says its been done already you are supposed to rinse first. I always rinse just incase.

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