Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Today marks our first wedding anniversary!!!  Happy Anniversary!!!

In honor of this, I am sharing with you some of our wedding photos.

This was taken at the BBQ at my mom's house, the night before the wedding.
Here is my and my sister.
Now on to the wedding photos:

It was a rainy day, so most of the photos were taken inside.
This is me with my sister and my mom.
Here is Ryan seeing me for the first time.
Me and Ryan with my mom and sister.
Me and Ryan with his mother.
Here we are again.  
This is our ketubah.  If you are not familiar with a ketubah, here is a definition I found online:
Ketubah is a marriage contract that explains the basic material, conjugal and moral responsbilities of the husband to his wife. It is signed by the groom, as well as two witnesses, and given to the bride during the wedding ceremony.
In the end, it makes a really nice piece of meaningful art work that can be hung in the house.  
Here we are signing the ketubah.  The best man and the maid of honor were present to sign too.  Our families are behind us.
Here comes the bride...
Now we are husband and wife, and it is time to party.  Behind us is the chuppah.  Here is a definition I found online for this:
The Chuppah is a marriage canopy that symbolizes the couple's first home together.  The Chuppah is basically a piece of cloth held up by four poles. Some people use a tallit prayer shaw for the Chuppah cloth. The Chuppah is open on all sides, which is reminiscient of the hospitality Abraham and Sarah showed guests in their open tent. 
Party time!!!  Here are our centerpieces.
Our first dance...
Speech time...
This is me with my grandfather.
Cake time.  I still can't believe I was just able to travel back to the island with the top layer and it still tasted delicious.
Time for the horah!  You know, Hava Negilah!  Both Ryan and I went up in the chairs while our friends and family lifted us in the air.
Here I am dancing with my grandfather.
Group shot of us with my friends.
I will leave you with my favorite picture of all.  Thank you to our fantastic photographer Ellen.  Like I said, it was raining on the day of our wedding.
Have a great week everyone!!!


Beth said...

Aww Melinda, thanks for sharing! You were such a beautiful bride! Your dress was perfect on you! And what a lovely wedding! And I don't think I had ever seen a picture of Ryan before--he's so tall!

MelissaNibbles said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Unknown said...

oooh i need to wear that dress again to a wedding in Sept - it's nice b/c i didn't have to go strapless bra, hehe!

happy anniversary! I'll always remember your HUGE piece of wedding cake :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/3499446090/in/set-72157617575769585/

and broken bustle LOL! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/3498667457/in/set-72157617575769585/

Astra Libris said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm SO happy for you!! Your wedding photos are gorgeous - y'all are such a beautiful couple!!

Shannon said...

Happy anniversary! What a beautiful bride and beautiful couple! Its amazing how fast time goes by. Our 2 year anniversary is only a couple of months away!

Rachel Lauren said...

YAY!!!! I look so pretty! ....I MEAN, YOU LOOK SO PRETTY! :) man that cake was good. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuvers said...

Happy Anniversary and your wedding was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your dress! So pretty! Thanks for sharing, I love looking at wedding pictures!

Sook said...

Happy anniversary!!! You and your husband look so cute together. :)

Rachel said...

happy anniversary!!! I love your bouquet; thanks for sharing those pics!

sophia said...

Wow, so many things to celebrate...Happy Anniversary, Melinda! You were SUCH a radiant, gorgeous bride! I'll bet your husband could barely take his eyes off you!

Nicole, RD said...

I get teary looking at wedding photos. You look SO happy and so beautiful...and that DRESS! OMG! It is 1) stunning and 2) perfect on you! Happy anniversary!!! :) Mine is coming up this month, too...and I have no idea what to get my hubby or how to celebrate!

Nicci said...

Behind on reader, but wanted to still say ''Happy Anniversary''. You made a beautiful bride. Wishing you'll many yrs of joy :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photos are beautiful!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! And Happy Anniversary!

Celebrating Year One is so exciting. Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures. You were such a beautiful and HAPPY bride. :)

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